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Karnataka CM to Transfer Crop Loss Compensation in Lakhs to Farmer’s Bank Account

The Chief Minister said that a sum of Rs 5 lakh would be paid as compensation against the completely damaged houses, and Rs 3 lakh for partially damaged houses, in three instalments.

Ayushi Raina
Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai
Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Monday said that officials have been directed to transfer crop loss compensation payments to affected farmers' accounts as soon as possible.

The Chief Minister made the remarks while speaking with journalists on a visit to the state's rain-stricken Kolar district. The state's standing crops have suffered greatly as a result of the state's constant rains. 

The Chief Minister toured the Kolar area extensively, beginning with Narasapura"I've observed considerable damage to Ragi, vegetables, horticulture, and floriculture crops," he stated. Flood water from the Mudavadi irrigation tank has cut off road connectivity in the region. Around 790 houses have been entirely or severely destroyed. 

According to preliminary estimates, "agriculture crops in 48,333 hectares and horticulture crops in 6966 hectares have been disrupted, 189km length of roads and 34 bridges have been damaged." 

The Chief Minister stated that an amount of Rs.5 lakh will be paid in three installments as compensation for entirely destroyed properties and Rs.3 lakh for partially damaged properties. According to Bommai, the DCs were instructed to quickly release the first installment of Rs.1 lakh. 

The state government has set aside Rs.500 crore for road and bridge renovations. Schools and Anganwadis have also been damaged, and restoration work will be funded by the NDRF, he added. 

"Rs. 500 crore will be provided for the restoration of damaged roads and bridges," Bommai stated. "I have instructed the immediate release of Rs.1 lakh (first installment) to people whose houses have been entirely damaged, as well as the distribution of money to those whose dwellings have been partially damaged." 

In response to a query, he stated that the Election Commission has authorized Ministers from the concerned departments and the Chief Minister, to travel across the state to assess the extent of the damage caused by the rains and oversee relief efforts. According to Karnataka Disaster Management Authority officials, 24 people have died as a result of rainfall and flooding across the state since the beginning of this month. 

As per the early loss and damage estimates provided by the authorities since November 1658 dwellings have been fully destroyed, while 8,495 have been partially destroyed. While an estimated 191 animals died, crops on almost 4 lakh hectares were destroyed, with agriculture crops accounting for 3,79,501 hectares and horticulture crops accounting for 30,114 hectares. 

The officials' data also revealed that 2,203 kms of roadways had been destroyed. Other infrastructure damaged as of Sunday evening including 1,225 schools, 39 primary health care facilities, 1,674 electric poles, and 278 electric transformers. 

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