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Karnataka Farmer Grows 700 Different Types of Exotic Fruits in His Farm

Anil Balanja, a farmer in Karnataka, has been growing exotic fruits from 40 different nations on his land for the past 20 years.

Chintu Das
Anil Balanja
Anil Balanja

Anil Balanja, a native of Karnataka, grew up seeing his father grow several jackfruit and mango varieties. He always knew he wanted to be a farmer, and at the age of 19, he began by sowing areca, coconut, and rubber.

The youngster made the decision to emulate his father five years ago. On his farm, he grew a variety of exotic fruits that are uncommonly grown in the nation. This includes foods like avocados, Malaysian santol, Indonesian kepel, and many others.

Currently, Anil's farm in the Dakshina-Kannada district is flourishing with over 700 exotic fruit types gathered from 40 different nations. Each fruit's seeds are obtained from nurseries and his international pals.

Additionally, he maintains a thorough record of every fruit, including its scientific name, therapeutic properties, ideal growing temperature, and kind of soil. To continue growing the fruits he collected, he now owns and operates his own nursery.

On his 30-acre farm, the farmer also raises seedless varieties of jamun, jackfruit, lemons, and guavas. His collection of tropical fruits includes fruits from Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Cambodia, and other countries. Biriba from Brazil was first planted to start the cultivation.

The demand for exotic fruits is growing rapidly among Indians. With options like Durian, Dragon, Passion, and Kiwi increasingly finding their way to their dining tables, reports the latest JD Mart Consumer Insight.  

The latest trends on JD Mart, India’s latest B2B platform by Just Dial, revealed that while fruits like Bananas and Apples remained India’s favorite, a large section of health-conscious people are increasingly opting for exotic and rare fruits like Kiwi, Dragon, Passion, and Durian.

As per the latest data, among the most consumed fruits in the country, Banana, Apples, Grapes, and Pomegranates were the top draws on JD Mart. Searches for wholesalers for Banana and Apples contributed to almost 40% of the overall searches in the fruits and vegetable category on JD Mart. Exotic and rare fruits like Kiwi, Dragon, Passion, and Durian saw a 96% YOY rise in demand on JD Mart.

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