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'Kisan Rail' will Change the Lives of Thousands of Farmers; Know How?

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

‘Kisan Rail’' is going to recreate a new chapter in the history of agricultural development and Indian Railways. India’s first Kisan Rail that merged agriculture and Indian railway will prevent the loss of about 45 crores if  50% yield also transported to this first Kisan Special Parcel Rail of the country.

Running at super fast speed, this train is running twice a week from Devlali in Maharashtra to Danapur in Bihar and on return from Bihar to Maharashtra.

How ‘Kisan Rail’ will help Farmers?

With the running of the kisan rail, 50 percent of the fruit and vegetable produced in this area will be saved. According to the Ministry of Agriculture Welfare, the running of this train will make the path easier for the farmers and their produce which will be saved from destruction and give right price to the farmers. This will also make it easier to achieve the goal of doubling their income by 2022.

This first train of its kind in the country ran for the first time on Friday. In this train, fruits-vegetables, fish-meat, milk and perishable food items will be transported. Apart from this, the shortage of onion which occurs in this season every year will also get relief.

Nashik produces the maximum onions in this season

But due to lack of strong means of transport, about 50 per cent of the produce get destroyed. Now, due to farmer rail, this onion will easily reach to other states including UP, Bihar.

Twice a week this train will travel 33,38 km in 64 hours. Due to aerated compartments, the items kept in it will also avoid spoilage soon. It will also help in their uninterrupted supply.


Stoppages of India's first Kisan Rail

The train will take stops at Nasik Road, Manmad, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Burhanpur, Khandwa, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Satna, Katni, Manikpur, PrayagrajChheoki, Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Nagar and Buxar.

 Railway Minister Piyush Goyal termed the operation of the train as historic and said that this rail will not only help in doubling the income of the farmer, but it will also ensure uninterrupted supply of food items. He had said that the journey from the first train started in 1853 to Kisan Rail tells the story of the magnificent journey of Indian Railways.

A report was released on 9 August 2016 by the ICAR Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology CIPHET. According to this, about 92 thousand food items get spoiled every year. In this, talking about food products like milk, meat, fish, poultry, cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc., on an average, food products worth Rs 40,811 crore are lost every year across the country.

This includes the highest amount of meat worth Rs 1235 crore, marine fish worth Rs 4315 crore and milk and products made from 4409 crore and pulses worth 3877 crore. The losses range from transportation to cold storage, rain water, heat and seasonal damage. However, an estimate will be reduced considerably by running of this train. The central government plans to run more similar trains. Farmers will be able to book for this in advance.

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