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Latest News! Urgent Tips & Advice by Telangana Chief Minister to Make Agriculture Profitable amid Lockdown

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

As Telangana is emerging as the Rice Bowl of India, the State government will make a comprehensive strategy to make farming a profitable venture. Thus, to ensure commensurate price for the bumper yield that the farmers have produced in the Telangana state.

Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao has ordered a creation of 40 lakh ton storage capacity godowns with addition to the existing 22. 5 lakh tons storage capacity created in the last five years.

K Chandrashekhar Rao spoke at a high level review meeting at Pragathi Bhavan on procurement of Yasangi produce, availability of fertilizers, preparations for Vaanakalam crop season, construction of Rytu Vedikas, storage capacity, commensurate prices for farmers, extension of civil supplies activity and activating Rytu Bandhu Samithis in the State.

The Chief Minister who issued instructions to the officials to take up construction of 2,500 Rytu Vedikas, also wanted a policy to be drafted for activating the Rytu Bandhu Samithis. He wanted the farmers to go ahead & purchase fertilizers right now as stocks for the June month is kept ready for sale. However, he also warned of stern action against those trying to sell spurious & fake pesticides, fertilizers and seeds.

The Chief Minister said, “Farmers in undivided Andhra Pradesh under the then governments had faced various hardships as they were an unorganized sector. But, the situation has changed a lot after Telangana State was formed & the government started several measures for agriculture development & farmers welfare. More efforts are required to further enhance the present pace of development.”

State’s Efforts in Irrigation:

The CM said, “With the government realizing that irrigation is the game-changer, the State took up projects that would help to utilize 1,300 TMC of water from Godavari & Krishna basins. Improvement of water bodies with the help of Mission Kakatiya & free electricity has enhanced availability of water. By these projects, tanks and borewells, there is every possibility to cultivate two crops in 45 lakh acres & three crops in 10 lakh acres. In effect, there will be cultivation of crops in 3 crore acres of land in the state, from this, majority will be paddy.”

For paddy cultivation, he said, it will be taken up in 1 crore acres making the state the Rice Bowl of the country. The CM also instructed the departments of Agriculture and Civil Supplies besides Rytu Bandhu Samithis to prepare a strategy to make sure that farmers receive MSP for the produce as they will be bringing double the yield to the procurement centres in the coming years.

Grain Procurement:

The State government of Telangana, amid lockdown, has assured the farmers that each and every grain will be procured. The Civil Supplies department should also expand their activities in such a manner to supply cereals & pulses to the consumer at fair prices. The shelf life of paddy, pulses and other agricultural produce must be increased with food processing help. As the farmers will benefit from the demand for their produce, the consumers will get quality processed food at lower prices.”

He added, that farmers should not to opt for the same crop every season & asked them to go for crops that are in demand. Take up crops advised by the Agriculture department and only the government will purchase them. The government will not hesitate to bring in legislation to ensure that the whole process is taken up according to a regulated plan. The Agriculture department must also have a data bank of what the farmers are growing.”

“Storages can be used to store grain, fertilizers and PDC rice. The construction of these godowns must be over within 18 months,” he said.

The Chief Minister stressed the need to take up construction of Rytu Vedikas where farmers can sit and discuss issues. For that 2,500 clusters must be created taking 5,000 acres as an agriculture cluster. We have already appointed an Agriculture Extension Officer for each cluster. Rytu Bandhu Samithis must also be active & help farmers.”

He also advised farmers not to buy seeds by agents as it was found in areas such as Gadwal. Rather than dealing with the seed firms directly, the farmers are dealing with agents. The government will not tolerate sale of spurious seeds or any other farm input. These unscrupulous people are already under the watch of intelligence wing, & will be punished accordingly.”

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