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Net Cropped Area for Kharif Season Crops reaches 1116.88 Lakh Hectares

India’s net cropped area has so far reached 1116.88 Lakh ha, roughly 4.8% above last year’s area for the corresponding period. Sowing of Rice has been reported on over 407 lakh hectare compared to 385 lakh hectare during the corresponding period of last year. Pulses have been sown on over 139 lakh hectare against 133 lakh hectare area of last year.

Abhijeet Banerjee

Planting operations continue satisfactorily in the country and latest Government report shows further progress in the net cropped area. The area planted as on September 25 has gone up by nearly 4.8% over last year’s corresponding period. So far, the planted area has reached 1116.88 Lakh hectares.  There has been an increase of nearly 5.6% in cultivation of Rice. On the other hand, Oilseeds’ planted area has registered a jump of roughly 9.8 per cent.  

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as on 25.09.2020, the total Kharif crops sown is 1116.88 Lakh ha area while last year’s corresponding period area reported was 1066.06 Lakh ha. The upcoming Kharif season’s sowing report may be the final sowing figures for this year. Given below is the sowing area coverage under Kharif crops and till now farmers have grown:   

Rice: Total area cropped has gone to 407.14 Lakh ha as compared with 385.71 Lakh ha during the corresponding period of last year – an increment of 5.56% therefore. 

Pulses: Pulses acreage has risen by roughly 5.42 Lakh hectares and till date the sown area has reached 139.36 Lakh ha area versus 133.94 Lakh ha during last year’s corresponding period.  

Coarse Cereals: Coarse cereal acreage is about 183.01 Lakh ha till date – a rise of 3.38 Lakh ha more area compared to last year’s corresponding period of 179.63 Lakh ha.  

Oilseeds: Area under Oilseeds has gone up to 197.18 Lakh ha versus 179.63 Lakh ha during the corresponding period of last year. Therefore year on year increase is 9.77% (for the corresponding period).  

Sugarcane: Sugarcane area is reported at 52.84 Lakh ha area and during last years’ corresponding period the cropped area was 51.89 Lakh ha. Over previous year, sugarcane cultivation has shown an increase of 1.8 %.  

Jute & Mesta: Jute & Mesta is sown in around 6.98 Lakh ha area coverage versus 6.86 Lakh ha during the corresponding period of last year. Thus 1.78 % more area is being recorded versus last year. 

Cotton: Planted area in cotton has risen by nearly 2.11% compared to last year’s corresponding year. About 130.37 Lakh ha area coverage under cotton as compared to 127.67 Lakh ha during last year. 

The Agriculture Ministry reported that the actual rainfall received in the country till September 24th was over 928 mm against a normal of 854 mm. Water levels in the country adequate presently. Just few weeks back the Central Water Commission Commission had reported an improvement i.e. 102 per cent storage of water across 123 reservoirs in different parts of the country compared to last year corresponding period.

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