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Pesticide License is Necessary for Trading; Eligibility & Application Procedure Inside

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar
Pesticide Application

Are you planning to start a Fertilizer & Pesticide Business? You need a valid license selling, exporting & importing these items. But don’t worry as you can apply for a Pesticides License online and in just 28 to 30 days your license will be handed over to you. You can find all the related details in this article.

Eligibility for Ferilizer & Pesticides License:

As per the government’s direction, traders who wish to obtain a license to sell pesticides or fertilizers must possess a degree in Agriculture, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany, or Zoology.

The person desirous to start the business should be 18 years and the person must be trained by the NIPHM/CFTRI/NPPTI at Hyderabad /Mysore/Faridabad for 15 days in a fumigation and prophylaxis program

Documents Required:

  • Identity Proof

  • Two Passport size photographs

  • A copy of current certifications of registration of your company and/ or trade names including addresses.

  • List of products

  • Principle certificate issued by the dealer

  • Aadhaar card

Validity of Fertilizer Seed & Pesticides License:

If we talk about the validity of the license, the agriculture department issues the license of pesticide for only 2 years. You have to get it renewed once your license expires.

Apply for Fertilizer & Pesticides License Online:

 You can apply for Fertilizer Seed & Pesticides License online or by visiting the nearest Common Service Center. You can also directly go to the Agriculture Department office and submit your documents!

Different types of license based on the type of business:

License from Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee: You need to get a license from the central insecticides board which will facilitate that the insecticides used is safe. The insecticides act 1968 is an act to regulate the import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides with a view to preventing risk to human beings or animals. Read more about this act and apply for a license here.

License to Manufacture Insecticides: If you want to manufacture insecticides, for that also, you will need a license granting you permission to manufacture insecticides.

License to Sell, Stock and Distribute Insecticides

License For Use Of Restricted Insecticides For Commercial Operators

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