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PMFBY: Farmers to Get Compensation for Crop Damage; Know How to Apply

Rs. 61 crore have been released under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY).

Shigraf Zahbi
Farmers will get compensated for their crop damage under PMFBY
Farmers will get compensated for their crop damage under PMFBY

Rs. 61 crore have been released under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) 

This year, many crops have been destroyed due to uneven monsoon. In some states, there has been heavy rainfall which has led to the flooding of fields, while in others, rainfall has been scant. Considering all this, the Rajasthan government has directed the insurance companies to compensate the farmers for the damage caused to their crops. 

The government has also released 61 crore rupees so that farmers can be compensated for their losses.

Instruction given to insurance companies 

The farmers in Rajasthan have suffered huge losses this year, taking cognizance of which the government has released 61 crore and 45 lakh rupees. Lalchand Kataria, agriculture minister, has instructed the insurance companies to provide compensation to farmers as soon as possible. Kataria has said that crops have been affected in the following regions: 

  • Kota

  • Bundi

  • Dhaulpur

  • Karauli

  • Ganganagar

How much has been allotted to each district?  

It has been recorded that in many regions of the district mentioned above, crops have been damaged. Therefore, the government has allotted certain sums for each one of these five districts. Here is how much each district has been allotted: 

  • Kota: 7 crore 71 lakh rupees

  • Bundi: 31 crore 20 lakh

  • Karauliand Dhaulpur: 1 crore 24 lakh

  • Ganganagar: 21 crore 28 lakh

How much will the farmers receive? 

Under the PMFBY farmers receive a 25 per cent of the total insured sum. As explained earlier, PMFBY scheme has multiple stakeholders on a single platform. These include the centre, the states, and the farmers. There is no upper limit to the subsidy provided by the government.

How to claim the insurance?  

Farmers are rehired to follow the below steps in order to receive their insurance sum: 

  • Call on the toll free number of the insurance companies with which they have insured their crops

  • Make sure to call within 72 hours of crop damage

  • Other than this, farmers are required to give a written letter to their bank and insurance agent and officers of the agriculture department, asking them to survey their damaged crops

  • Please note that this letter must be handed out within 7 days of crop damage.

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