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Poultry Feed in the making of Spurious Milk

Vipin Saini
Vipin Saini
Poultry Feed
Poultry Feed

In a recent probe by the Punjab Police in Patiala, Punjab, the case of spurious milk has been reported. The spurious milk is being reported to be laced with poultry feed in an attempt to increase the milk quantity.  

The group responsible for producing such spurious milk have stated that they procured the poultry feed which appears to resemble the form of a dried glucose powder. They would mix 10 kg of this powdered poultry feed in 100 litres of milk. The same milk to the tune of 500 litres to a known dairy production company of repute-Supreme Dairy in Ludhiana alone. This is apart of supply to customers in Khanna, Rajpura and other parts of Punjab. 

A novel way of adultering milk, never heard of before adds upon the unique and mischievous ways of innovating spurious food products.  

Such mixing of powdered poultry feed bypassed the stringent testing methods for ascertaining fat content in milk.  

Such milk is presumed to have a serious impact on the health of customers consuming the same. It is further claimed that such consumption of milk may lead to cancer. How cancer can be triggered by consumption of such milk produced by adding of poultry feed is another question to be ascertained and debated upon. Raising the question on the supposedly presence of pesticide or heavy metal residues in such poultry feed that may lead to cancer? This adds upon another angle to the rise of cancer patients reported from the State. A suitable case for FSSAI to investigate. 

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