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Rythu Bandhu Scheme: ₹7,400 crore Deposited Into The Bank Accounts of 62 Lakh Farmers

Nalgonda received the most amount, totaling ₹601.74 crores, with 4,69,696 farmers benefiting.

Shivani Meena
Rythu Bandhu Scheme benefitted 62 Lakh Farmers
Rythu Bandhu Scheme benefitted 62 Lakh Farmers

Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, the Telangana government so far has transferred ₹7,411.52 crores into the bank accounts of 62.99 lakh farmers in the state. 

Agriculture Minister S. Niranjan Reddy stated that the investment support under the state's flagship scheme will reach 1,48,23,000 acres across the state. 

Nalgonda received the most amount, totaling ₹601.74 crores, with 4,69,696 farmers benefiting. The district of Medchal Malkajgiri, which borders Hyderabad, received the lowest amount, totaling ₹33.65 crores. The money was put into the bank accounts of 33,452 farmers. 

Before the start of each agricultural season, the government deposits ₹5,000 per acre into the bank accounts of farmers under Rythu Bandhu. 

The distribution goal for the Rabi season is ₹7,646 crores. In the last week of December, the authorities began transferring the funds to the farmers' accounts. The state government provided ₹8,000 per acre per year when the scheme was established in 2018 (for both Rabi and Kharif seasons). From 2019, the sum has been increased to ₹10,000. 

On January 10, the total amount of aid distributed under the plan surpassed 50,000 crores. Rythu Bandhu, the brainchild of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, is proving to be a blessing for producers and has assisted transform agriculture in the state, according to Niranjan Reddy. No other state in the country, he stated, is implementing such a scheme for the benefit of farmers. 

He demanded that the government of the United States announce a national policy to help farmers. 

Niranjan Reddy reaffirmed the demand that the Central government integrate the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) with the agriculture sector, claiming that farmers are facing a lot of challenges owing to a lack of farm laborers. 

He stated that state governments should set the Minimum Support Price (MSP) based on agricultural production and other conditions in their respective regions and that the Centre should procure all products at the MSP. 

He said it was sad that the Centre was only proclaiming MSP and asked that the Swaminathan Committee's recommendations be implemented by the Union government. 

"The Centre should rethink its attitude to agriculture since agriculture employs 60 percent of the country's population," he said. 

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