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The Most Demanding and Profitable Crops to Grow in February

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

The month of January is going to end, and February is on the way which is the best month to grow many vegetables and crops in your farm or kitchen garden. Farmer might get confused what to sow and what not to get the best profit out of the harvest. Hence, today we are going to give you the proper list and ideas about how to utilize the upcoming month with the most suitable crops and vegetables and get the best profit out of it. In view of the weather and market timing, farmers should sow these crops in February to get a good price due to their demand in the market. 

Sponge gourd (Chikni Toroi)

Also known as Luffa cylindrical, this vegetable is cultivated in almost all the states of India.  Oil can also be extracted from the dried seeds of smooth luffa.  Moreover, due to the high amount of water in the fruit, it comes with many health benefits. Torai cultivation requires a hot and humid climate and can also be sown in all types of soil containing drainage bacteria. February is the best month to start Toroi Cultivation which is also very demanding in the market.

Advanced Varieties of Toroi  -

Pusa Sneedh, Kashi Divya, Swarna Prabha, Kalyanpur Hari Chikni, Rajendra Torai 1, Pant Chikan Torai 1 are among its varieties.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is beneficial for many diseases along with very high demand in the market. Farmers can earn a handsome profit out of this. The bitter gourd crop can be grown in many types of soil throughout India. Well, loam soils with good drainage bacteria are considered suitable for its good growth and production.

Advanced Varieties of Bitter Gourd

Farmers can sow Pusa Hybrid 1,2 of bitter gourd in February. Along with this, Pusa two seasonal, Pusa Special, Kalyanpur, Priya Co-1, SDU-1, Coimbatore Long, Kalyanpur Sona, Perennial Karela, Punjab Karela-1, Punjab-14, Solan Hara, Solan, and Perennial are also included.

Bottle Gourd (Louki)

In addition to protein, carbohydrate and mineral water in the gourd, they are comes with enough vitamins. It is cultivated from hilly areas to the plain areas. Warm and humid climate is required for its cultivation. To sow directly in the field, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing. This makes the germination process of seeds dynamic. After this process, the seeds are ready to be sown in the field.

Advanced Varieties of Bottle Ground -

Gourd varieties include Pusa Santishti, Pusa Sandesh (round fruit), Pusa Samriddhi and Pusa Hybrid 3, Narendra Rashmi, Narendra Shishir, Narendra Striped, Kashi Ganga and Kashi Bahar.


This is the most demanding vegetable of summer which can protect you from the harsh heat. Its intake also removes the lack of water. It is cultivated on priority in many areas of the country. The maximum temperature for its cultivation should be 40 ° C and minimum 20 ° C while (25-30) ° C temperature is considered good for growth and flowering.  

Advanced Varieties of Cucumber-

Japanese Clove Green, Selection, Straight - 8 and Poinset, Swarna Purnima, Pusa Udai, Poona Kheera, Punjab Selection, Pusa Sangha, Pusa Barkha, Kheera 90, Kalyanpur Green Kheera, Kalyanpur Medium and Kheera 75, PCUH-1, Swarna Poorna, and Swarna Sheetal are included in the list.

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