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Unbelievable! 51.4 kg Jackfruit Discovered in the Backyard; Family Applies for Guinness World Record

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Jackfruit Kerala

A family in Kerala’s Kollam was surprised to discover a massive jackfruit growing in their backyard. On weighing the family found that it weighs around 51.4 kgs, as per reports by ANI. John kutty lives with his family in Edamulakkal village. He said that upon finding the mammoth fruit, he weighed and measured it, & found it to be as long as 97 centimetres.

After that he decided to search for the biggest jackfruit found in the world. To which it was discovered that the record for the heaviest jackfruit was recorded in Pune. The jackfruit weighed 42.72 kg, as per reports from ANI. He said that he has now applied for a Guinness World Record and for Limca Book of Records.

Jackfruit or Kathal has been recently in the news amid covid-19. As per a report, in this time people are switching to kathal as a viable alternative to meats, like chicken or mutton. It has often become the substitute of meat among vegetarians. Not to forget, that jackfruit is a hugely popular dish among Keralites. Malayalis make a whole variety of dishes from jackfruit like jams, payasam and tiffin items. Interestingly, Jackfruit items are as popular as banana chips across the state.

Now the pictures & videos of the massive jackfruit have gone viral on social media. It is gaining people’s attention and several users commented like “wow” and “nice”.

It is to be noted that Jackfruit, which had been declared the official fruit of the southern state in March 2018, is one of the most important dishes. Jackfruit is an exotic tropical fruit, which is said to have originated in India and Malaysia.

Jackfruit comes with its huge benefits as they are rich in protein, carbon, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B and C, and potassium. Its fibrous nature helps in better digestion and boosts the immune system.

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