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Vertical Garden Scheme: Start Your Vertical Farm in Just Rs 5835 with 75% Subsidy From Govt.

The government has launched a vertical garden scheme with a 75% subsidy. In which the candidate needs to put the investment of only 25%(Rs. 5835) of the total cost. In this article, we provide the complete information for you to apply for the subsidy.

Shivani Meena
Vertical Tomato Farming
Vertical Tomato Farming

Under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture Scheme AAAP 2021-22, SHM-Kerala wants to popularize the user-friendly 'Arka Vertical Garden Structure' created and developed by the ICAR- Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru.

The Arka vertical garden structure (soil-less medium) assists in achieving self-sufficiency in the production of safe-to-eat vegetables, hence assuring food and nutritional security. A family can use vertical space to cultivate a range of safe-to-eat veggies to fulfill their daily requirements. The construction is inexpensive and efficient in its use of water. 

Subsidy on Construction of Vertical Garden 

As part from popularising agriculture in apartments and houses of urban areas where land is not accessible for cultivation, the project "Promotion of vegetable cultivation by Arka Vertical Garden Structure in Kerala" will be put in place in the Corporation regions of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam, Trichur, Kozhikode, and Kannur districts. With a 75 percent subsidy, 330 Arka vegetable garden units will be established in the Corporation regions of the State. 

The cost of one unit is Rs 23,340. The SHM will provide 75% of the total sum, which is Rs 17,505. The recipient is responsible for the remaining 25% which is Rs 5,835). 

Major components of Arka Vertical Garden 

The Arka Vertical Garden's major components are a one-square-meter base frame, main central support connected to the base frame, and pot/grow bag supports, all of which are designed to accommodate 16 pots of various sizes and shapes at four different height levels. Drip laterals, microtubes, and drippers are used to irrigate the plants from a 25-liter plastic container located at the top of the structure. Along with the structure, seeds and supplies for plant nutrition and protection will be delivered. Chilli, brinjal, tomato, radish, legumes such as french beans and cluster beans, and green vegetables such as palak, amaranthus, coriander, and others may all be grown. 

Application Process 

Applications for the vertical garden plan, which was launched in Kerala by the State Horticulture Mission (SHM) as part of the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture, may now be done online.  The deadline for submitting an online application is March 1.   

On the website www.shm.kerala.gov.in, applicants can submit their applications. 

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