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10 Most Profitable and Successful Business Ideas for Villages & Small Towns

If you are living in a village or small town and want to start your own business then we have some good ideas for you. These businesses require less investment and in return gives good profit.

Abha Toppo
Profitable business
These Successful Business Ideas Can Help You Earn Huge Profit

There are many business opportunities that people living in rural areas can explore. To start any business in the village, you do not need much investment, strict regulations or detailed paperwork. And the best thing is that these small businesses give you very good income. So, let’s explore some profitable business ideas

What Businesses can be started in Villages?

Check out the 10 most money-making and successful business ideas for villages and small towns;

Milk Centre

To open a milk centre, you will have to contact a dairy farm. Milk centres generally collect milk from the villagers & sell it to dairy farms. They require only few equipment like weighing machines, billing software, etc to start a business. As rearing of buffalos and cows are common in villages, milk centres can bring good profits.

Small Scale Manufacturing Units

Small scale manufacturing businesses consist of various types of products like disposable paper plates, cups, paper bags etc. It must be noted that disposable products are in high demand in the market and investment required to start this business is not much.

Grocery Store

This is one business option that is widely explored by almost every section of society. Every household need grocery items. Therefore, opening a ‘grocery’ store is one of the simplest businesses in India. All you need is get a shop of rent and reach out for suppliers of the products.

Fruits & Vegetables Vending Shop

This is yet another simple and most common business that can be started in villages. To start this, go directly to the wholesale market and buy vegetables and fruits at lower price and earn profits by selling it at a comparatively higher price.

Electronics, Mobile and Accessories Store

You can also plan to open an electronics store in your village and earn good profits. Almost all villagers want to communicate with their family members, hence mobiles have become a necessity now.

Fertilizers & Seeds Storage Store
Fertilizers & Seeds Storage Store

Fertilizers & Seeds Storage Store

Farmers living in villages depend on agriculture and for good crop yield they need seeds and fertilizers hence it is a good idea to open Fertilizers & Seeds Storage Store. This business does not require huge investment. All you will have to do is buy some good quality fertilizers and seeds and take a shop on rent to run this business.

Clothing Store

Clothing is an important thing we all need hence if you open a clothing store in your village that provides people with modern and good clothes then it shall become a success. For this you will need to look for garment suppliers who can bring a variety of clothes based on commission. As people in villages do not travel to cities frequently they will buy from the nearest clothing store.

Door-to-door supply of drinking water

Clean drinking water is needed by everyone. Many villages in India are still deprived of this because of lack of infrastructure and water treatment plants. You can store fresh water from tube wells / hand pumps in large cans and then can supply it to villagers at their doorstep. You can charge them per jar or per can. In this business you need very less investment as compared to other businesses.

Integrated Fish-Cum-Duck Polyculture

Placing the ducks together with fish ponds suits the fish polyculture method perfectly. To go ahead with this business idea, you need a water body like a pond etc.

Jute Bag Making

As you may know that jute is a biodegradable eco-friendly fabric hence bags made with jute have a relatively good market demand and export capacity. With a reasonable machinery, you can start a jute bag unit in your village itself.

Hence these were some profitable business ideas that you can start in rural areas or villages. If you need information on any particular business then do write at the comment box given below. 

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