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3 Houseplants To Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Houseplants are a terrific way for green thumbs to keep busy over the winter, and some of them can even help you save money on dusting. Three plants that naturally absorb dust from the air are shown below.

Chintu Das
English Ivy Plant
English Ivy Plant

Houseplants are a great way to get some greenery into your house. While plants are known for their ability to produce oxygen, some plants may also assist in the removal of dust particles from the air. This is especially wonderful news for people who want to make a clean and tidy house a priority in 2022. 

Plants with broad, glossy leaves, which give a vast surface area to trap dust particles, are often the best for dust-busting. Certain indoor plant kinds retain dust while releasing fresh air. 

According to a research done in Beijing, China in 2015, foliage with more pubescence and a rough surface may accumulate the most particle debris, such as dust. 

However, it's critical to remember to dust your plant's leaves on a regular basis to ensure that particles are removed permanently. 

Dust may be removed from your plant's leaves with a dry micro-fiber cloth or a duster. Use your duster on your plants as regularly as you would other surfaces in your home as a general rule. 

Plants that keeps home dust-free

Rubber Plant 

Rubber plants have thick waxy leaves that are excellent in absorbing pollutants from indoor air. According to NASA research, the rubber plant is one of many houseplants that are best in removing pollutants like dust from the air. The plant's big leaves are good at trapping dust particles. You may improve the dust-collecting effectiveness of your rubber plant by spraying it once a day. 

English Ivy 

English ivy comes in a variety of colours and may be used to gather dust particles. They're also recognised for absorbing moisture and humidity from the air, making them an excellent weapon against mold growth. 

Because English ivy is a natural plant, it's rather simple to come by and shouldn't cost too much. 

Spider Plants 

Although spider plants lack the wide leaves of the rubber plant, their dense foliage makes them an excellent dust collector. Spider plants have been shown in trials to be capable of removing 90% of toxins in a room in just two days. 

Spider plants are very helpful at cleaning the air and reducing dampness.

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