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AMAZING! A Mobile Phone Is Helping Farmers to Automatically Switch On Irrigation Water Pumps

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Santosh Ostwal

Nano Ganesh, an Indian invention by Santosh Ostwal have already helped thousands of farmers in automating their pumps. Read on to know how it works and from where you can order it?

Agriculture is the backbone of India and it is not wrong to say that Irrigation is the backbone of Agriculture. Farmers, on a daily basis give special attention to irrigate their crops. But there are some serious problems that they face.

Problems Faced by Farmers in Irrigation

1. Irregular power supply and scarcity of water are the major ones.

2. Farmers have to go to their fields at nights, sometime late in nights to switch on or off irrigation pumps. They do this to make sure that their crops are getting enough water.

3. But there are some serious dangers in these night trips as some farmers live far from their fields and routes are not so safe either.

Nano Ganesh: A Low Cost Mobile Remote Control for Water Pumps

Santosh Ostwal, a rural innovator, understood these ground challenges and built a brilliant device – Nano Ganesh. It’s a low cost, easy to use Mobile Remote Control for Water Pumps. It is manufactured by Ossian Agro Automation, a company founded by Mr. Santosh Ostwal.

Nano Ganesh

Features of Nano Ganesh

Nano Ganesh is an electronic device and it is connected to starter of the motor. There is a mobile phone in Nano Ganesh unit, which is charged by the unit itself. The unit is placed in farm with electrical motor of water pump. Then, all farmers have to do is to call Nano Ganesh from their Mobile Phone. There are different tones which can be heard then. These different tones tells when there is power supply at the farm to switch on the water pump. If there is no power supply then no tone will be there. The tone changes if the water pump has started and change to different tone if it is switched off. It is so easy and simple.

Nano Ganesh has been made appropriate for rural zones to deal with different challenges. It can easily be operated by illiterate farmers also. In even water hazardous areas, it can sustain easily for 3-4 years. It can overcome any kind of voltage fluctuations and can be operated on any supply voltage range. It is safe to say that it is robust enough to tackle any rural challenges.

Where to buy Nano Ganesh?

You can buy Nano Ganesh easily from Amazon and you can click here to visit its official website. It has all the necessary contact information.

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