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Beneficial Tips on How and When to Plant Fruit Trees

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

Summer is the best time to plant seedlings to get the best fruit. Farmers should select seedlings from reliable nurseries. Here are some of the things to consider while planting fruit trees.

Planting method (how to plant)

When planting long-lived trees such as mango or rambutan, dig up to half a meter deep and wide trench. Clean the hole and remove any kind of stones, roots or wooden bushes. Mix half a kilogram of lime with the extracted soil and cover half of the pit. Then add a basket of dry dung powder, half a kilo of bone powder, neem cake and cover the pit completely. Plant a small hole in the middle of the pit. Remove the seedling cover by not damaging the roots. Then press the soil around the small hole and make sure the bottom of the seedling is watertight.

Things to note

Keep the seedling protected from heavy rain for more than a week. For that, you can use tree trunks or bolts. By then, the plant will be able to adapt to the new conditions and then remove the shade. This method can be adopted even in the middle of summer.

When planting bed or grafted seedlings, apply soil only to the top of the bedded or grafted area. Putting excess soil will not give you the benefits of bedding.

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