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Busted! Top 5 Myths about Hydroponics Farming

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Hydroponics Farming
Hydroponics Farming

Hydroponics is the process of growing crops in water instead of growing them in soil. Here, roots are usually exposed when the plant grows as the roots are either fully or partially immersed directly into the water or nutrient mixture, or are sprayed daily in some niche cases.

There are many rumors about Hydroponic Agriculture. Many sources have made claims that outside fresh air works much better for hydroponics plants. But, the reality is that the outside air is colder and could cause humidity, bugs, and temperature problems. Therefore, indoor air is much better and is closer to the required temperature for growth.

Myths related to Hydroponics Agriculture:

Above discussed myth was one of the many myths about hydroponic plants. Let’s discuss more myths related to the hydroponics farming method:

1. It’s a New Technology:

Contrary to this, Hydroponics is not a new technology at all. You might have heard about the Hanging Gardens in Babylon, which was actually the first to put the hydroponic system into practice. Apart from this, fruits & crops that were cultivated all across Egypt were grown by hydroponic systems. So, there’s no novelty in the system.

2. No Need for Pesticides:

As we know, pest attacks are very common in any garden. That’s because there are weak plants in every garden. These plants are prone to pests and are highly vulnerable. Therefore, just keep an eye on your setup. However, you might find yourself needing some pesticides if the situation goes out of hand. You can discover useful techniques to keep pests at bay:

Identify pests

  • Let some pests be taken care of by environmental changes

  • Apply gentle methods to remove pest

  • Try to disrupt its reproduction cycle by giving a good spray down with a hosepipe

  • Use natural solutions especially the one that ensures safety

  • Use sticky traps to kill pests with shorter life cycles

3. You can grow your hydroponic plants indoors only:

A hydroponic system can be both inside and outside generally known as Outdoor Hydroponic and Indoor Hydroponics. You just need to think of it as a technique of gardening. This myth might begin from the fact that you can care better inside than the outside.

4. Hydroponic agriculture is harmful to the world outside:

There’s nothing that could be as eco-friendly as this gardening technique. In fact, if you’re a green warrior, this method is the ideal choice for you. It doesn’t harm the environment in any manner. In traditional farming, you need a lot of water for the usual gardening system that causes the waste to end up in lakes, streams, and other water sources.

5. Hydroponic Agriculture is man-made

This myth really needs to be busted. How can a system that permits the plants to grow at their own pace be artificial? In fact, this system is more natural by all means. Hydroponics works on the principle that you have to offer all that the plant needs for its healthy growth. Human involvement is definitely there, but it’s confined to the setup construction.

To conclude, the Hydroponic system simply wants you to provide the basic needs of plants. The most important thing that you need is nutrient-rich water in your setup. That’s all. Go Ahead!!

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