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Cultivation of Gymnema sylvestre can change the life of farmers

Gymnema Sylvestre is a pharmaceutical drug. It is among the valuable medicinal plants. On the knees that the branches are found in the microscopic rhythm. In the month of August-September, it contains yellow colorful flowers. The fruits that grow on it are about 2 inches long and hard. The seed is covered with cotton, and the seeds are of small black-brown color.

Gymnema Sylvestre leaves are mainly used for diabetes control, medicines. The level of sugar decreases in blood with the intake of it, as well as the presence of sugar in the urine itself stops. The leaf or bark juice is used to kill stomach worms. Gymnema Sylvestre stimulates the liver and directly helps the pancreatic glands that aid in insulin. The roots are used to treat heart disease, chronic fever, Arthritis disease and white stains.

Gymnema Sylvestre can be cultivated in every kind of soil anywhere in the country. But mild dump soil is more beneficial for its cultivation. It is necessary to have good management of drainage in its cultivation. So far it was cultivated only by the plants collected from the forests. It can be applied to both the seeds and the pen. Its fresh seeds are collected in January, after which they are planted at the distance of 10x10 centimeters. It starts germination within a week. When the height of plants in the nursery is 15 centimeters, then they should be kept in polyethylene. The month of February, March, and September October is appropriate for applying its pen. Due to the medicinal plant, it requires bamboo or some support.

This does not require much irrigation, once in the interval of 20-25 days in winter, for 10-15 days during the summer, that is good enough for its growth.

Farmers can earn Rs. 25-30 thousand per hectare by cultivating Gymnema Sylvestre.

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