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Earn Rs 5-10 Lakhs By Cultivating This Special Variety of Garlic

Riya van- A garlic variety that can help you make 5- 10 lakhs of money, is a new super variety in the agriculture market. The cost of cultivation is nothing as compared to the returns you get by cultivating this variety.

Sugandh Bhatnagar

Riya van- A garlic variety that can help you earn Rs. 5- Rs. 10 lakhs, is a new super variety in the agriculture market.  The cost of cultivation is nothing as compared to the returns you get by cultivating this variety. 

Garlic is a cash crop & it remains highly in demand throughout the year in India. From being used as a spice to medicine, it is an integral ingredient present commonly in most Indian kitchens. If you are looking to start commercial farming, you should definitely try cultivation of Riya van Garlic. 

What's so special about this Garlic variety?

The best thing about this variety is that it doesn’t spoil for 1 year, while the normal varieties of garlic can last only for 5-7 months. This variety is grown in Ratlam District of Madhya Pradesh and giver bumper yields. 

It can yield up to 50 quintals from 1 acre plot. Farmers cultivating Riya van garlic say that a quintal of this variety can be sold for Rs 10- 25K in the market while the cost of cultivation per acre is up to Rs 40K only. In such a situation, farmers can earn from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh by cultivating it in 1 acre of land.  

This variety is named after a village Riya Van, in Ratlam, MP where this species has been developed. The quality of Riya Van is much better than other garlic crops. One lump of it can be up to 100 grams. There are 6 to 13 buds in a knot. 

Its cover is thick like paper and whiter than other garlic species. The root of Riya Van is convenient to cut as its root remains outside. Its cutting can be done neatly. Therefore the cost of cultivation is also less for this variety. 

Riya Van Garlic: Market Analysis

In the market, the price of normal garlic is found up to Rs 8000 per quintal, while in the peak season, the price of Riya van garlic can be sold for Rs 10-25K per quintal. Riya Van Garlic is sent to different districts of Madhya Pradesh besides Chennai, Madurai and many states of South India. 

Riya Van Garlic contains more medicinal ingredients such as oil and sulfur than the rest of the garlic varieties. It has various health benefits as well. The special thing is that this variety of garlic does not spoil for 1 year. While the rest of the garlic varieties last only for 5 to 7 months and one lump of this garlic can weigh up from 100 to 125 grams, provided, good agronomic practices are adopted for its cultivation. 

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