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Easy and Fast Growing Vegetables in Pots

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Tomato plant in the pot

Growing your own vegetables is not just healthy and economic but also fun. You can grow vegetables very easily in your kitchen garden and if you don’t have a backyard then also you can grow these awesome veggies in a pot or container. So what are you waiting for, let’s start………….

Here are some great vegetables that you can grow in pots or containers


For gardeners, tomatoes are one of the favourite vegetables to grow. Growing tomatoes in pot or containers is simple and very satisfying. There are several ways of growing tomatoes and you can follow any of them. But you will have to keep few things in mind, no matter what variety you are planning to grow.

Tomatoes require good soil, good sunlight and consistent watering. If you are purchasing tomato seedlings then look for short, solid plants that do not have blossoms yet. Another important thing to keep in mind is that while planting tomato seedlings, put them deep inside the container - much deeper than other plants.

Taking out potatoes from the pot


Have you ever cooked freshly picked potatoes from the garden? Believe me it tastes totally different from the potatoes you purchase from vendors. So try it once. Growing potatoes in containers is again very easy as it needs fair amount of soil & water - the rewards are just fantastic. Potatoes are added in almost all vegetables in India and kids also enjoy eating it.

Chilly paper plant in the pot

Chilly Peppers

You can grow both hot and sweet peppers in containers. Peppers flourish very well in pots or containers of any size (big or small). All it requires is lots of sunlight, open environment, good drainage and constant watering. Peppers come in many shapes, sizes & colors. They also range in spice level from mild to very strong or pungent.

Plants of radish


Radishes grow very quickly and some of its varieties are too awesome.  They can be grown in full sunlight to part shade. However it is better to maintain a balance in the temperature – neither too hot nor too cold. Radishes are not only tasty but very healthy for us hence growing radish in containers is a good idea.  

Peas plant in the plant


Peas are a great winter vegetable. It stops producing when the weather gets too warm. Peas should be planted in early spring & then again when it gets cool in the fall. This green vegetable is perfect for succession planting so, sow them in early spring & then when it gets warm & when they are finished producing, just pull them out & put something else in that same container.

They actually improve the soil, by adding nitrogen to it, which will be very helpful for your next batch of plants. Peas are considered to be one of the best vegetables to grow with kids. They are fast growers & super easy.

Brinjal plant in the pot

Eggplant or Brinjal

Eggplant is another great vegetable, loved by many of us. Some small varieties are really pretty & easy to grow. The flowers are beautiful as is its plants. Keep the container in a spot which has good air circulation and gets direct sunlight & some wind. This is because the plant requires a lot of warmth & sun exposure at growing stage. West or south facing direction is suitable.

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