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Excellent Tips for First-Time Farmers! From Increasing Crop Yield to Protect Crops from Diseases

The basic elements of plants, organic fertilizers and some agricultural knowledge may not be known to beginners in agriculture. Here is some farming knowledge for the First-Time Farmers.

Aiswarya R Nair

The basic elements of plants, organic fertilizers and some agricultural knowledge may not be known to beginners in agriculture. Here is some farming knowledge for the First-Time Farmers.

Excellent Tips for First-Time Farmers

Pseudomonas fungus for leaf spot disease

Pseudomonas fluorescens is a unique bacterium that is capable of breaking down disease-causing bacteria and fungi, in addition to producing hormones and enzymes that stimulate plant growth. Pseudomonas, a chemical produced on the plant's surface and inside, enhances the plant's innate immune system. It is available in powder form and liquefaction.

When magnesium is low, crop yields are reduced

Deficiency of magnesium element is the main cause of yellowing in the nerves of the older leaves of the plant. The solution is to add 30 g of magnesium sulphate to the soil.

Turmeric to protect against whiteflies

If the vein of the leaves turns yellow and the leaves fall down, it is due to the whites. Grease the two sides of the yellow plastic sheets onto the top of the vegetable crops, destroying whitefly and other water-borne insects.

When boron is low, the results are distorted

If the buds deform in shape, it is because of the lack of boron element. The leaves roll-up.

Soak the seeds in molybdenum and sprinkle on the leaves. The solution is to mix two grams of borax in one litre of water.

Pseudomonas for powdery mildew disease

If there is white spot on the upper part of leaves and yellowing on the underside.  Then, mix 20 g of Pseudomonas in one litre of water and sprinkle occasionally.

If there is poultry manure, there is no other fertilizer

One tonne of poultry is equivalent to 145g of ammonium sulphate, 133kg of phosphate and 45kg of potash fertilizer. This is four times the amount of cattle manure. Consider the following when applying for enrichment.

Apply warm water when the soil is warm. Use 90 kg per tonne of lime. Use fresh manure, even in good sun and wind, where there can be elemental damage.

If the potting mixture is good, the yield is good

The potting mixture of red soil, sand, and dried dung in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. If cultivated in this way, the plant has growth and immunity. You can also mix dung powder, neem cake, bone powder and mix it all together.

Crop should be planted the right way

When the palms are growing, there should be enough distance between their ovules that a squirrel cannot jump. When planting cumulus sapling, their leaves should be close enough so that an ant can pass from one branch to the other. When millet plants are planted, they should be spaced enough.

Bordeaux mixture remedy for coconut

Bordeaux mixture is effective for the yellowing and withering of coconut leaves. You should also put neem cake on the bottom.

Ginger and turmeric should be planted in the shade

Ginger and Turmeric grow well under the Deciduous tree. This tree helps in the course of their cultivation. So there is no need to mulch. Mulching is also a good way of maintaining soil moisture content.

Mixture to get rid of the mealybug (White insects)

Mealybug (White Insects) can be seen on the trunk, petioles and bottom of the leaf. They can be controlled by spraying neem oil and soap.

Vermicompost: A Collection of Elements

The earthworm compost that is easy to make contains nine of the 16 elements that plants need. This yields better at a lower cost and contains nitrogen and phosphate. Vermicompost contains nutrient elements that plants can absorb quickly and in large quantities.

Pulses should be ploughed into the soil

Bacteria found in the roots of pulses are stored in nitrogen. This will yield crops when the plant is ripe.

If you have Azolla (Mosquito Ferns), you don’t need other organic manure

Dried Azolla (Mosquito Ferns) contains nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese. So there is no need for other organic manures.

The right distance will give the right yield

If the plants grow at the right distance and the sun shines on all sides, disease and pests will be reduced. They also get good yields.

Microorganisms for the upliftment of agriculture

Control fungal diseases. Waste areas can be cleansed. Germination of seeds can be increased.

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