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Grow Succulents from Cuttings: The Ultimate Guide for Succulent Fanatics!

Are you a succulent fanatic that wants to cover every noticeable nook and cranny of your home with succulents? Fortunately, you have come to the right place to learn how to grow a new succulent plant from cuttings.

Aarushi Chadha
Succulent Plant
The best time to get cuttings from your succulents is late spring or early summer, right before the plant starts its active growth period

Succulents are not just interesting-looking plants that grow easily but they are also very low on maintenance, making them the perfect indoor and office plant. Succulent cuttings, whether it is a stem or a leaf, are an excellent way to grow your succulent collection. The best part is that the entire process is not going to cost you any money (as long as you have these basic gardening tools). Let’s get into it.

When to take succulent cuttings?

The best time to get cuttings from your succulents is late spring or early summer, right before the plant starts its active growth period. People can choose to remove a leaf or use a stem to propagate their succulents. Experienced gardeners recommend using the leaf to propagate a succulent plant that has fleshy leaves.

Remove the entire leaf by keeping the base intact from the mother plant. Stem cuttings are used to propagate the succulents which have distinct stem systems. You can use a knife to remove stem tips or cut an entire stem in order to have multiple growing points. Ensure that the cutting is at least 3 to 4 inches long and has some leaves attached to it.

Preparing the succulent cutting for propagation

Before you sow the leaf or stem cutting in the soil, you must let it dry out. You can let the cutting dry out in the sun for at most three days or until it starts to scab over or develop a callous. This step is important because a fresh leaf or cutting tends to absorb a lot of water and drown easily. Once you are happy with how much the leaf or stem has dried out, place the leaf-cutting on top of a bed of soil.

To grow the cuttings, use a temporary pot that has a drainage hole and fill it with a well-draining pot. Keep the pot in a location that receives bright yet indirect sunlight and is well-ventilated. Start watering the leaf cuttings and water them whenever the soil seems dry. The stem cutting should be directly planted in the soil and need to be watered whenever the soil is dry. Within a few weeks of regular light watering, the succulent plant will develop a root system.

Planting succulent cuttings

When the roots begin to form, fill the container of your choice with a well-draining potting medium. You can also mix some sand or perlite into the regular potting medium to make it more suitable for succulents. Pick a spot that receives indirect but bright sunlight for hours. Make sure to plant your succulent at a time when the intensity of the sun is low.

Remove the cutting gently from the temporary container and place it in the new container. After placing the cutting in the new container, cover its roots with soil and gently tap down to secure the roots. Do not water the cutting straight away. Weight for at least another 24 hours before gently watering the soil. Tap the soil once again to secure the roots. A plant that has properly acclimated to its surroundings will start to show new growth.

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