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Guide to Start Profitable Indoor Plants Nursery

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Indoor plants Nursery
Indoor Plants Nursery

If you love nature and plants then you must think of starting your own indoor plants nursery.  With little knowledge about plants, pest control, climate & seasonal requirements, you can set up your own indoor plants nursery. But forget not, like every business this business also requires some patience. With time, you will start enjoying it and also earn good profits.  

Why this Business? 

No doubt, in this busy modern city lifestyle with too much pollution, everyone prefers more plants at their home. And indoor plants are very popular for this. As they require less maintenance and care and also provides fresh air.  

So, this is an evergreen business that provides both home decor and fresh air.  

Pankaj Saini, Owner of Heera Shri Nursery, Indore says that indoor plants sale is very good in the market and people with busy schedule prefer to purchase them as they require less care and maintenance. Mr. Pankaj says that he started small but with time, his business grown and generate very good profits now. He also mentioned some most popular indoor plants like the Snake plant, Jade plant, Pedilanthus, Areca palm, etc.  

How to Get started? 

Just like any other business, you need to start with license and liability insurance, depending upon location regulations. If you want to start small, you can start with just 200 square feet of area. And by the time, you can increase it.  

You will have to purchase good quality indoor plants and provide a fresh environment to them. And after this, you will need to produce some marketing materials to help get your starting clients. A website and business cards are effective at the beginning. And some more promotion through friends, relatives, etc. will be sufficient. 

And establishing good relations with local nurseries will also work as an effective tool and can be beneficial for you. In the future, you can do a partnership with them and can work in a better way.  

Other than this, you can give some additional services like home delivery, plant care kits, designer pots with the plants, etc. to grow your indoor plants business. 

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