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Home Gardening: Easy Way to grow enormous Coriander

Coriander leaves can now be easily grown in your home. The cultivation of this plant is very easy and every one can manage it. Also it can be cultivate for a profitable business

Priyanka Menon
Coriander Gardening
Coriander Gardening

Healthy coriander leaves can now be easily grown in your home. How much better is our homegrown coriander than the coriander from other states. Adding coriander to curries not only enhances the taste but also speeds up our digestion process. There is nothing better than coriander to reduce acidity.

Coriander Cultivation:

We can start the cultivation of coriander from the seeds that we buy for our home or coriander seeds that are available in the market. If you take coriander, you will get two rice or two seeds from it. Crush the coriander seeds you have and soak them in Tea water for 24 hours in Pseudomonas solution (about one teaspoon of Pseudomonas in 1 liter of water).

If you put seeds in brewed tea, you will notice a sudden change in the growth. After 24 hours the seeds can be sown in a porting mixture prepared by mixing coir pith, manure, and soil. Wherever the seed germinates, the growth of the plant will process at the same place.

Transplanting coriander can be harmful to the plant as it has good deep roots. After sowing the seeds, do not forget to pour a little water on top of the soil or coir pith. Drain the water until it grows. In 5-6 days we can see that it’s growth. Fertilizer should be applied when the seedlings reach a height of 2 inches.

Only vegetable waste, tea grounds, and eggs that come as waste in your home can be used for the cultivation of coriander. Add a little water to this type of waste available in your home and beat well in a mixer. Add one liter of water to this mixture and leave it for three days. Special care should be taken to stir daily.

Add 6 times as much water to this mixture and use it at least once a week to speed up the growth of the plant. Do not plant the coriander in a place where there is a lot of sunlight. By doing so, the coriander plant is more likely to wither quickly.

Pseudomonas solution and diluted manure are good for accelerating plant growth. When the plant reaches a height of four inches, the lower leaves and twigs should be pinched. Pinching off leaves will accelerate growth. Its leaves have a pungent odor and are less susceptible to pests. New leaves are less likely to appear after flowering. So be sure to pinch the flowers. If you are looking for seeds need to flower the plant. Coriander leaves can be made at home for daily use with minimal maintenance.

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