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Homemade Natural Pesticides for House Plants & Easiest Method to Prepare Them

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
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We all love having plants in our homes and offices nowadays. It’s one of the best ways to get close to nature. House plants are very good air purifiers also. They cleanse and protect us from toxic air.

However, keeping plants also comes with the problems of pests & insects. It is really annoying to see them feeding and living on your plants & their leaves. They can hamper the growth & health of your house plants. They can even pose some serious damages too.

Most of us don’t want to use pesticides & insecticides that have chemicals in them in our homes. So to get rid of these pests & insects, there are some natural, homemade options that you can easily prepare in your homes. They are really effective in killing pests, insects & will save your plant's life.

Natural Homemade Pesticides

1. Neem Oil:

Neem oil is completely natural & organic. This traditional and age-old fungicide & insecticide is very effective in controlling and killing common pests in house plants. It has been used in India for many years and has stood the test of time.

Neem Oil Preparation Method

Mix 1 tablespoon of neem oil in 1L of water. Spray it on plants. Don’t overspray on leaves. You can spray in every 15 days for best results.

2. Garlic & Hot Pepper:

This spray is very effective to eliminate aphids from your plants. Garlic & Hot Pepper spray stop aphids from eating your plants.

Garlic & Hot Pepper Preparation Method

Take 5-6 chilies and 2-3 garlic cloves. Grind them to make paste/powder. Strain the mixture with a filter into a spray bottle. Add water & spray on affected plants.

3. Eucalyptus Oil:

It’s an amazing natural pesticide for wasps, bees, flies.

Eucalyptus Oil Preparation Method

Add ¼ teaspoon of Eucalyptus oil in 500 ml of water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Mix oil and water in a spray bottle by shaking. Spray on affected plants every 10-14 days.

4. Pepper Spray:

Peppers contain capsaicin which mites & other insects hate.

Pepper Spray Preparation Method

Take 2 tablespoons of pepper and 2L water in a spray bottle. Spray on affected plants. Spray every 10-15 days until the problem is solved.

5. Alcohol:

The alcohol solution is really effective in repelling insects.

Alcohol Preparation Method

Make a solution by mixing 1-2 cups of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 1L of water. Spray the solution on affected plants. Repeat every 7-14 days until the problem is solved.

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