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How to Grow Insulin Plant: A Natural Cure For Diabetes

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar
Insulin Plant

Insulin Plant or Costus igneus belongs to the family Costaceae and is believed to lower the blood sugar levels. This plant is native to Asia, and is a rich source of Protein, Iron and Antioxidant, this plant has exceptionally fascinating influence on controlling and maintaining the blood sugar level which helps in curing diabetes, a disease which is very common in adults due to the hectic lifestyle and workload. We have cover the benefits of Insulin Plant in Detail in a recent article.

Read further to know the tips on how to grow the Insulin Plant at home

How to Grow Insulin Plant at Home:

  • An ideal place to keep your plant for it to thrive and to get the best foliage, is somewhere that receives good sunlight (3-4 hours) but has partial shade as well.

  • Good moisture and soil conditions are also necessary for this plant to flourish.

  • The plant does not need to be planted too deep in the soil. 2-3 inches deep seed bed should be fine. Cover the Rhizome in 1 inch deep soil and cover it properly with the soil and firmly press it down with the shovel.

  • Try Organic mulching, it can work wonders for this plant.

  • The plant should be fertilized & watered after the removal of Mulch.

  • The plant is susceptible to mites, caterpillar attack. Insecticidal Soap should be applied to prevent damage to your plant.

  • Good Drainage conditions are necessary to keep the plant healthy. You can add Organic Compost or Peat Moss to soil for better Drainage.

Bonus Tips!

  • The plant can be propagated by division of clumps stem cuttings or by separating the offsets or plantlets that grows below the blossom heads.

  • For propagation, the rhizomes should be divided well with a sharp knife.

  • Spring is the best season for its growth.

  • Make sure that the soil has neutral to slightly acidic pH, as the plant is highly intolerant to salt.

  • The plant should be repotted every year.

Does Insulin Plant have any Side Effects?

After all the hype, you must be wondering, if this plant has any side effects, well the answer is Absolutely Not! Insulin Plant is absolutely safe and healthy. It is used in Ayurvedic treatments since ancient times. However, it is advised that the Pregnant and Lactating women should not experiment with the Insulin Plant and take proper medical consultation or advisory from doctors.

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