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How to Maximize Profit from Small Farms?

If you are a small-scale farmer (1-2 hectares of land holding) then your worries end here. This article will give small farmers many ideas to maximize profit from their small land. Thereby, putting an end to their sufferings and making them stress free.

Tooba Maher

If you are a small-scale farmer (1-2 hectares of land holding) then your worries end here. This article will give small farmers many ideas to maximize profit from their small land. Thereby, putting an end to their sufferings and making them stress free.  

Farming is the livelihood of most families in rural and suburban areas worldwide. It is truly the most important element in agriculture. To make profit, farmers need to have a deep understanding of their profit drivers and tactical management plans in place. 

Ideas on Land Management and Maximizing Profit from Small Farm

1. Grow Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms  

  • Growing demand of mushrooms makes it a very profitable business. One should opt for specialist types of mushrooms for cultivation.

  • To compete with supermarketmake your quality and pricing better. 

  • Some mushrooms can be harvested in just 15 weeks with e yield of uptolbs per square foot. 

  • Before harvesting contact local restaurants and take orders from them for a quick sale.

  • Get a stall at a farmersmarket to grow your reach and sales.

2.  Make Field a Campsite 

  • If you live near an urban area then this is the best thing to opt for. People love spending time at camps during vacations.

  • Your campsite will require a simple shower and toilet for campers.

  • Installing electricity can be optional.

  • The chosen area or field should be level and dry.

  • Having place for motor homes and caravans can be optional which will require electricity and water.

  • Opening a small eatery shop with slightly higher price can be a good choice.

  • You can offer a free Wi-Fi for your campers.

3. Snail Farming 

  • It can earn you with great profits.

  • Provide snails with shelter, plants and food.

  • You can use outdoor open pens or netting to keep them in.

  • Through poly tunnels you can grow them commercially.

4. Organize a Swap Meat 

  • People love to wander around a field to see what kind of bargains they can find.

  • Charge vendors a small fee depending on your area and demand.

  • Ensure to make an area for parking off road for those who are looking to buy.

  • Make the sign on the street, an advertisement to let people know about the bargains.

5. Raise Tilapia or other kinds of fish 

  • It can be a very profitable business.

  • The area should be of water temperature 20°C (68°F).

6. Raise Worms 

  • Sell the worms as bait to fishing shops.

  • The worms can be raised in tubs, bins or barrels.

  • Crop harvesting can be done in only 90 days.

  • The soil left behind can be your secondary income as it can be used as compost for gardens.

  • It is an easy, low maintenance way of earning more money from your farms.

7. Raise Specialist Breeds of Animals (Ostriches)

  • Growing niche market animals often helps you make huge profits.

  • There are many products that can be sold from the same animals.

  • Guinea fowl meat, feathers, eggs and young can be sold in market.

  • One can sell Quail Young, meat and eggs.

  • One can sell Rabbit meat, pets and fur.

  • One can sell Ostrich meat, emu oil, feathers and eggs.

8. Grow Dual Crops

  • Planting two crops side by side saves you space.

  • Lots of combinations of crops are good to grow together.

  • They generate higher yield using the same amount of space and water.

 9. By-Products

  • Some by-products have resell value.

  • Collecting and selling Wild or Domesticated Feathers is beneficial. They can be used in jewelry making, hat making etc.

  • Manure is of great value for gardens. It can be sold to the public or small garden centers.

10. Sell Seeds and plants over Internet

  • Mention instructions for planting in the packaging like when and where to plant, type of soil that plants prefers etc.

  • Advertise your seeds on various websites to make them gain popularity.

Other Ideas for making Small Land Profitable- 

  • Start a bed and breakfast

  • Rent space for meetings and gatherings

  • Publish articles online

  • Rent your land for weddings or other special occasions

  • Rent out bee hives

  • Grow flowers to sell

  • Make farming videos and make them online


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