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How to Start Organic Fertilizers Business in India

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Organic Fertilizers Business

Farmers are getting concerned about the environment these days, hence they are trying to protect the ecosystem by installing compost piles, planting butterfly-attracting flowers, using vertical farming methods, practicing organic farming, etc. 

With this, there is a great scope to start an Organic Fertilizers business. 

Here we will discuss the requirements of this business, government norms and all the necessary details.  

Organic Fertilizers Business: Setting up a Business Plan 

A business plan is the first step to start a business. Before starting any business, it is must to set a goal, and focus on the market and potential customers, strategies, marketing, and the most important, competitors.  

There are many fertilizer businesses but starting organic fertilizers business is unique in itself, as chemical-free products are in demand in today’s world and if managed properly, can generate great profits. 

Permit, Licence & Legal Documents Needed for Organic Fertilizers business

Here is the list of all the legal documents that you will require to start your organic fertilizers business. 

  1. Firm Registration- If starting the business alone, then you will have to register your firm as a proprietorship. And if starting in partnership, then you will have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Ltd. company with the registrar of companies (ROR). 

  2. Trade Licence- You can obtain this from local authorities. 

  3. GST registration- Get GST number, tax identification number, and insurance certificate.

  4. MSME/SSI registration- This will make you eligible for government schemes and subsidies regarding your business.

  5. Trademark- Register your brand with a trademark that will protect your brand.

  6. EPF & ESI registration- If starting at middle or large level with more than 20 employees, then EPF is must for Employees State Insurance for workers. And ESI for employees’ provident fund. 

    7. IEC code- If planning to export to other countries, then IEC code is mandatory.  

Location, Production, Specifications 

The location must be selected keeping in mind the accessibility to all the facilities including water supply, drainage, electricity, nearness to the raw materials source and targeted market, government norms. And production of fertilizer must be in accordance with the specifications as per FCO, Fertilizer Control Order.  

And then the final task is to sell the fertilizers. You can directly contact the farmers, or go for wholesale in the wholesale market, or you can also go for online selling through your own website or B2B websites. 

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