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HP AviStart Improves Performance of Broiler Chickens

Anju M U
Anju M U
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Young chicks require high nutrition as compared to older broilers.  During the first two weeks of hatching, the younger ones grow and develop at a higher rate. To attain proper growth, they need precise nutrients and it is impaired by the chicks' underdeveloped digestive tracts.

The chicks then have to draw energy from the immunoglobulins and unsaturated fatty acids in their yolk sac.  

In an antidote to the restriction of digestive tracts, a special feed formulation is essential for the proper growth of the chicks in their preliminary phase of hatching. HP AviStart is a highly digestible protein source and it contains an extremely low level of anti-nutritional factors that limit the absorption of feed nutrients. HP AviStart is highly digestible and thereby able to boost the intestinal development of younger ones. This unique product is derived from the enzymatic co-processing of soybeans and yeast.

The benefits of this protein source adding to the diets are that it ensures a well-balanced microflora as well as it plays a vital role in the overall performance of older chickens.

Trial Carried Out In University In Thailand

The 42-day study reports from Khon Kaen University in Thailand proved that the broilers given with 5 percent of HP AviStart had possessed greater body weights than that of other trial groups. The experiment was conducted in newly hatched Cobb broilers on their first seven days of rearing, were given feed containing five percent each of fishmeal, fermented soy, porcine hydrolyzed protein, and HP AviStart. In the remaining days of the trial, the broilers were fed with an identical diet as well.

On slaughter age day, the broilers provided with HP AviStart had the best quality of breast meat which contains protein and moisture content, and the lowest conversion rate.

Comparing HP AviStart to other expensive products confirms that the broilers' performance is high if they have been fed with the protein source. The chicks attain the highest-end weight and lowest FCR at an inclusion level of 10 percent HP AviStart.

The findings from Khon Kaen University and results of a meta-analysis of other 16 feeding trials from Universities, research centres, and commercial broiler producers in ten countries agreed to the same. All these trials were carried out for 35- 40 days also elucidate a summary analysis of the findings. These trials showed that they started diets contained a similar quantity of digestible amino acids and the same metabolisable energy content.

In summary, the inclusion of HP AviStart supplementation will enhance the performance of poultry and it is a protein source for broiler starter feed.

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