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Know about Pachira Plant or Money Tree

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
money tree
Money Tree

Pachira is a fruit plant that resembles pistachio. Known as Malabar Chestnut in foreign countries, this plant is native to South America. The Japanese people also call this plant the money tree. There is a myth associated with this fruit.

To alleviate the hunger and poverty of a poor farmer, the agricultural goddess 'Inari Okami' worshiped by the Japanese people, appeared and showed the sapling of this tree. It is believed that the farmer escaped from poverty and became rich by taking care of it and selling its fruits.

The Pachira cultivation method is suitable for the climate of India. It can be grown well in sunny and fertile soils. Its seedlings are available in many places in India today. The flowers are about 7 m tall and the flowers are fragrant and beautiful. That is why there are many people around us who grow this plant not only in their backyards but also in gardens.

It is edible with a coffee-colored flesh with white stripes on the inside of the fruit. Although similar in appearance to cocoa beans, they differ in taste. These are groundnut flavored and can be cooked and eaten directly. Its leaves and flowers can also be used as vegetables.

Cultivation methods of Pachira

In most nurseries, seedlings are produced by sowing seeds. Its seeds can be sown by preparing a potting mix with soil, sand, and manure. Particular care should be taken to retain soil moisture. Seeds take about 10 days to germinate. When the seeds germinate and four leaves appeared, they can be transplanted into the soil. When transplanting into the soil, rooted seedlings should be planted in pits of 2 ft length, width, and depth with basal manure.

Good yields can be obtained only by cultivating in a place where sunlight is available. This plant is not affected by common pests. Do not allow water to stagnate at the bottom during the rainy season. Watering is important for them in summer. Proper mulching and pruning during the growth phase of the plant will accelerate its growth.

Applying cow dung powder and diluted groundnut cake once a month is good for a quick harvest. They bear fruit in about four years after planting. They bear fruit every year. There are up to three or four nuts in a bunch. Fruits up to 15 cm long. Since Pachira has value in the fruit market, it can be grown commercially.

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