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10 Indoor plants that will bring positive energy in your home

Bringing positive energy at home is necessary to improve your health, longevity and happiness in life. You can live a peaceful and happy life only when the space you reside has a positive environment.

Abha Toppo
money plant
Money Plant in the Home Garden

Inviting positive energy into home is necessary to improve your health, longevity and happiness in life. You can live a happy and satisfied life only when the space you reside in has a positive vibe. And here nature plays a vital role.

There are a number of plants that can bring positivity or positive vibes at home. In addition, potted plants at home can remove the negative energy and give a completely new sense of being – to you & your family.

Plants for Positive Energy at Home

Here are a few plants that will surely help in bringing positive energy to home:

1. Jasmine

Jasmine is planted mainly for its beautiful flowers and is enjoyed as a house plant. The plant attracts positive energy and helps in nourishing relationships. It has a very pleasant aroma that can even soothe a troubled mind and stimulate energy. The plant will bring all sorts of positive aura if you place it indoors near a south-facing window.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary plant is well known for purification of air, keeping it free from harmful toxins, and promoting both physical and mental health. The fragrance of the plant is adequate to enhance the mood of your home, fight anxiety, improve memory, heal insomnia and bring inner peace. You must keep it in a place that has bright colors and cool temperatures.

lucky bamboo
Lucky bamboo

3. Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo or the bamboo plant brings luck in health as well as a love life. It is a very low-maintenance plant. You can keep it in any corner of your room which has gentle or very low lighting. Also, make sure you keep it submerged in at least one inch of freshwater. This plant since long has been used as a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

4. Money plant

Money plant has the power to produce a flow that brings prosperity and good luck in life. If you keep this plant in your house it will absorb the synthetic chemicals from the furnishings. Additionally, the money plant will help you alleviate stress and anxiety at home.

5. Basil  

Planting basil at home is believed to have a spiritual and healing effect on the atmosphere. The plant emits oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It will work best if you place it in the north or northeast of your house. Basil is also considered a great antioxidant that clears the negative energy in the house and invites positive vibes.

Basil plant
Basil plant

6. Peace lily

Peace lily plant helps in improving the air quality in your home. Many people believe that it also benefits health by reducing the chances of having asthma and headaches. Moreover, the plants are very beautiful to be kept at home.

7. Orchids

Another plant that is well known for bringing positive energy to home is the Orchid. Orchids are also associated with virility and fertility which makes them perfect for newly married couples. The plants need light moisture and low maintenance. And its pleasant aroma can uplift the mood of the people at home.

8. Lavender

Lavender is also known for bringing happiness and relaxation to a person’s life. It should be kept in a place where you can smell it often in order to get the best effect.

9. Sage 

Sage has extraordinary cleansing properties that help in eliminating negative emotions like fear and anger. The plant stimulates positive energy flow and is very beneficial because of its numerous medicinal qualities. It should be placed in dry areas with low humidity.


10. Aloe Vera

Last but not least is the aloe vera plant which has amazing healing properties. Aloe vera is also known for its ability to remove the polluting chemicals from the atmosphere and purify the air hence if you keep it in your drawing room or bedroom, it will improve the air you breathe.

Add these indoor plants at home and fill your life with peace and happiness!!!!

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