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Know the Advantages of Cultivating Wheat through Zero Tillage Method; Why Farmers Should Adopt It

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

What is Zero Tillage

Zero tillage is a procedure where the crop seed is sown or planted through drillers without prior land preparation & disturbing the soil where previous crop residues are present. Zero tillage not only cuts the cost of cultivation but it also decreases soil erosion, crop duration & irrigation requirement & weed effect that is better than tillage. Zero Tillage (ZT) is also known as No Tillage or Nil Tillage.

It has been found beneficial to cultivate wheat through zero tillage method. In this method, sowing of wheat is done by a special machine (zero tillage machine) without preparing the field.

Benefits of Zero Tillage Method

  • Reduction of cost in wheat cultivation (about 2000 rupees per hectare ) .

  • Increase in yield with sowing of wheat 7-10 days or sooner.

  • Good number of plants and best use of fertilizer are possible.

  • As less water is used in the first irrigation, there is no problem of crop growth.

  • This machine can be sown from time to time on the land of the low land canal and in the land of brick kiln.

Zero Tillage Method:

While sowing the seeds through zero tillage method, it is necessary to keep the following things in mind :-

  • There should be sufficient moisture in the field at the time of sowing.

  • If necessary, irrigate one week before harvesting paddy.

  • Sowing should be done immediately after harvesting paddy.

  • Granular fertilizer (NPK) should be used.

  • Trinitarian chemicals should be used to control weeds.

  • The land should be flat.

  • First irrigation should be done after 15 days of sowing.

Today farmers are increasingly using zero tillage method for wheat cultivation. It not only reduces the cost but also gives better yield.

Note: After harvesting wheat crop residue should not be burnt.

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