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Know Why Egg Shell is Considered Good for Plants Growth

Application of egg shell method is a least expensive method for plant growth. It will reduce the acidity of the soil. Egg shell is not only used as a fertilizer but also for seed germination

Priyanka Menon
Egg shells
Egg shells

Fertile soil is an important factor for plant growth. We need to apply some techniques at the time of planting the seedlings to get more fruits from the plant and increase their immunity. The least expensive of these methods is the 'application of egg shell waste'. Usually we use lime to reduce the acidity of the soil. The calcium contained in this limestone powder is also chemically present in the eggs. In short, the same effect of limestone powder working on the soil is obtained from the egg shell. We can use not only the egg shells but the whole egg as a base fertilizer. It is rich in many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium phosphorus. An egg that falls out of your hand, an egg that breaks in a Poultry cage, or an egg that you throw into the field is enough to keep your plant healthy.

This is the cheapest way to use organic manure. It is just that many of us don’t take advantage of its potential. Make a small hole in the egg and bury it in the same way in the grow bag or pot and place the vegetable or flower on top of it. After three weeks the hen's egg will automatically turn into compost. You can see the effect of all these elements on the plant. Many diseases caused by calcium deficiency can be overcome by this method. We often see a rotting base of the tomato. To solve this problem it is beneficial use this method while planting the seedling

How to use egg shell as a compost?

1. We can powder the egg shell well in a mixer and make a powder or dilute it with water and use it under the plant. This method is effective in treating water borne diseases and leaves turning yellow colour found in vegetables like tomatoes and eggplant. This method is also effective in obtaining large numbers of flowers from the rose bush. This method can be started in the early stages of plant growth. When preparing the porting mixture, one plant can be laid with 1-4 eggs.

2. Egg shell tea is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Boil 5 egg shells in a liter of water. Leave to warm for a whole day. The next day the mixture is poured into the soil without touching the roots or sprayed on the plant to get more fruit. If it is a flowering plant, it will get more flowers.

3. Mix two eggs, one banana peel and three teaspoons of tea waste in a mixer. Pouring this mixture on the edge of the grow bag will give more yield. You can do this every month. The soil should be moistened before applying any fertilizer. The best time to apply fertilizer is in the evening.

4. The soil will be more fertile if the egg and the peel of any banana are dipped in porridge and used under the plant. The skin of the banana is very good for fertilizer application. Its skin is rich in potassium.

5. Sprinkling of finely powdered eggshell on plants can repel snails, insects and other pests.

Egg shell is not only used as a fertilizer but also for seed germination. Make a small hole in the egg and fill it with a little soil and manure to germinate up to a maximum of three seeds. When the seeds germinate, only one healthy plant can be taken and the others removed. The egg shell can be planted in a pot or grow bag without changing the plant. By 3 weeks the eggs are well absorbed into the soil. Make this natural seed germination method and fertilizer application a part of your farming career.

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