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Lady Finger: Best Varieties of OKRA to Grow

M Kanika
M Kanika
Okra (Lady Finger)

There are so many varieties of Okra, which many of us are not aware of. Generally, their flavor is mild, but there is variation in the pod length, but for the peak flavor and tenderness, Okra’s should be picked when they are immature and 3 to 4 inches in length. The pods of okra sometimes are too short or long, they are fuzzy, smooth, rounded, curved or straight and their shades are red and green as well variegated.  

Those who live in southern climate, can enjoy all these different varieties of Okra because of the long growing season over there, they can even cut the plant in the mid-season for bumper crop and sow a new set of Okra seeds in the mid-season. For those, who live in northern climate, they can even start seedling in the indoors to maximize the growing time.   

The different varieties of Okra include: 

Below we have mentioned some Okra varieties cultivated in India;

Kashi Ageti 

Kashi Ageti is one of the early maturing varieties of the Okra, it is 58 – 61cm in height and bears 9 to 10 pods per plant. Its pods have 8-9 seeds per pods and are 9-10 cm long. Its seed-to-seed duration is 95 to 100 days, and its picking starts in 60-63 days after the sowing.  

Kashi Shristi 

Kashi Shristi has the very high potential, Kashi shristi are medium tall with short internodes and narrow angled 2-3 branches. It is suitable for both kharif and summer season, its fruits are dark green and its in medium fruit length.  

Kashi Lalima 

The fruits of kashi lalima are redish purple in color, with medium tall and short internodes. Kashi lalima is rich in phenolics and anthocynin and it is suitable for both kharif and summer season.  

Know more about Kashi lalima

Kashi Chaman 

The kashi chaman plants are medium tall and its flowering starts in 39-41 days after the sowing and its fruiting period lasts for 45 – 100 days. The fruits of Kashi chaman are dark green and its length are 11-14 cm. Kashi chaman is suitable for both rainy and summer season.  

Kashi Vardaan 

The kashi vardaan is one of the varieties of okra and is suitable for both rainy and summer season. These plants are medium tall with short internodes and have 2-3 branches. The kashi vardaan is easily cooked, dark green in color, good for table and export as well.  

Source: ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi 

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