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Most Profitable Crops and Vegetables to Grow in April and Its Advanced Varieties

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
apple gourd

Presently, many farmers in the country are facing problems due to constant change in weather. Hailstorms with recent rains have caused huge damage to many crops. Hence at this point of time, farmers need to pay special attention as to what crop they are sowing. In order to get good yield, they have to sow the seeds at the right time.

If a farmer wants to sow any vegetable but does not know as to which vegetable to grow and at what time or month then he must keep reading this article, which will talk about crops to be cultivated in April.


Vegetables/crops to grow in April


Farmers can grow ladyfinger or okra in any type of soil. For cultivation, the field should be plowed 2-3 times and the soil must be brittle and then plowed. Also sowing should be done in a row. It is very important to do first weeding after 15-20 days of sowing.

Advanced Varieties - Hisar unnat, VRO-6, Pusa A-4, Parbhani Kranti, Punjab- 7, Arka Anamika, Varsha uphar, Arka Abhay, Hisar Naveen, HBH.

green chilli

Green chilli

Green chilli is basically a cash crop. It can be easily cultivated by any farmer. Even better profits can be made by doing commercial farming of green chilli. Many types of vitamins are found in chili and it is definitely used in every household. In such a situation, its demand always remains high in the market. Farmers can use fertile loam land to grow this crop.

Advanced Varieties - Pusa Jwala, RCH1, X235, Pant C-1, G3, G5, Hungarian Wax (Yellow), Pusa sadabahar, Pant C-2, Jawahar 218 , L AC206.



India is the largest producer and consumer of turmeric in the world. You will definitely find turmeric in the form of spice in every kitchen here. It is grown in Gujarat, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam and Andhra Pradesh. It can thrive well in a sandy or clayey loam that is rich in humus content.

Advanced varieties - Sonia, Gautam, Rashmi, Suroma, Roma, Krishna, Guntur, Megha, Kasturi, Suvarna, Pant Pitambh etc.


This leafy vegetable is very useful for summer and rainy seasons. For its cultivation, farmers should choose fertile land without pebbles or stones. Also, sandy loam land is considered suitable for good yield. It is a high yielding vegetable in hot environment. Farmers can take 5 grams of seeds per 10 square meter area, which will be sufficient.

Advanced varieties - Pusa Kirti, Pusa Lal Chaulai, Pusa Kiran etc

apple gourd

Apple gourd/ Indian round gourd

Farmers can cultivate apple gourd from February to early April, or it can also be grown in June and July. Warm and humid climate is required for the cultivation of apple gourd. According to agricultural experts, farmers can sow about one and a half kg of seeds in one bigha land.

Advanced Varieties - Tinda S- 48, Hisar Selection - 1, Bikaneri Green, Arca Tinda.

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