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Natural Pest Control: How to Prepare Neemastra at Home

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

You must be facing the problem of insects and pests in your farm. What if some natural ingredients can help you get rid of large and small insects including borer, pod borer, fruit borer and, some other insects… Let’s know How?

We have wonderful natural pesticide recipe, “Neemastra,” that can be easily prepared at home. 

What are the Ingredients Required? 

  • Crushed Neem leaves 100 g 

  • Karanj leaves 100 g 

  • Crushed Custard apple leaves 100 g 

  • Crushed Castor leaves 100 g 

  • Dhatura leaves 100 g 

  • Cow urine 

How to Prepare? 

Step 1- Mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a plastic or cement jar, and properly stir with the help of a rod or wooden stick. Stir the mixture in the single direction. 

Step 2- After proper mixing, boil the mixture.  

Step 3- After that, cover the jar with a poly-net or jute bag. And place it in the shadow and don’t expose it to the direct sunlight and rainwater.  

Step 4- Stir the mixture for two continuous days, for a minute or two and, twice a day. 

Step 5- After 2 days, filter the mixture and take the mixture in the glass or plastic jar or bottle.  

How to Use? 

You can use 6 to 8 litres of Neemastra with 200 litres of water for 1- acre of land. Sprinkle the mixture on the plants and crops thoroughly with the help of a foliar-spray system.  


This home-made Neemastra can be stored for 6 months.  

You must be amazed to know this all natural recipe, give it a try and get free from insects in your farm. For more information like this, stay connected and keep visiting…!! 
Happy Farming…!! 

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