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Nutrient Management in Banana

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Banana is a high value crop grown in tropical and subtropical zones of India. High tech banana cultivation by using high density lanting technique, (HDP), Tissue Culture(TC) and fertigation give very high yield and profit Of the different states in India, Tamil Nadu tops in area and production and second in productivity. Nutrient management plays a key role in obtaining high yield.

World Scenario

Banana is the 5th largest agriculture commodity in the world. Trade after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa. India Equator, Brazil and China alone produce half of the total banana production in world. The advantage of this crop isit availability throughout the year.

The major banana exporting countries of the world Ecudar, Colombia, Costa rica, and Philiphines. And the major importing countries USA, Belgium, Germany, and UK. According to FAO of UN , India occupies the largest area under banana. Cultivation in the world. About 11 percent of world banana area belongs to India. India ranks number one in the banana cultivation and contributes about 23 percent of world banana production

HDP Technology in Banana

Banana is the 4th important food ingredients in terms of gross value next to rice, wheat, and milk product. In India about 32 percent of the total fruit production in the country. The normal spacing provided in in the important varieties like Robusta and Dwarf Cavendish is 2.1 x 2.1 meters((2267 plants/ha) to produce a yield of about 60 tonnes/ha. Of late, emphasis has been given on the productivity increase through providing closer spacing. This can be easily practised under good management condition where micro irrigation and fertigation are practised . But the main limiting factors in HDP in banana is sunlight,which affects flowering, crop duration crop maturity and yield of the ratoon crop.

Nutrient need of HDP

Banana needs high amounts nutrients. The nutrients needs are mentioned

1. 10kg FYM, 200-250 gm nitrogen + 60—70 gm Phosphorus +300gm potash per plant

2. It is observed that potash(K) need is very high in banana.

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