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Organic Farming: Know What Makes an Organic Farmer Successful?

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

India is the land of farming. And Since ancient times, land of India knows organic farming. But with the time and modernization, things got changed. And now once again we are moving to our old path of Organic farming. Starting from the basics to everything you should know about organic farming. 

What is organic farming? 

Organic farming is a technique which involves the use of biological materials and avoidance of chemical substances to maintain the natural health of soil. And as a result, organic farming gives less pollution, preserve the fertility of soil and maintain ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Organic farming involves no use of synthetic pesticides and chemical compost. 

In other words, Organic farming is the safest way of farming possible which will protect health, ecosystem and environment. 

Organic farming methods include crop rotations, soil management, weeds management, livestock and genetic modification is not done in it. 

 Highlights of organic farming 

  • Stimulating biological activities, using organic material so that soil quality remains guarded.

  • Providing crop nutrients indirectly by using manure and in turn microorganisms in soil.

  • Improving nitrogen levels in soil by using green manure and legumes.

  • Controlling pests, weeds and diseases with natural crop production.

  • Care for environment, wildlife and human health.

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Benefits of organically grown food items 

Organic farming maintains natural ecosystem for pure water and air by reducing toxic residues of pesticides. It conserves soil health and has smaller carbon footprints. This farming method use many methods such as crop rotation, use of animal manures etc. which are sustainable for ecosystem. Along with this, there are many health benefits of organic food such as 

  • As no chemicals are used, organic food maintains overall health.

  • Antioxidant content gets increased in organic food which prevents from many heart diseases, vision issues, premature ageing.

  • Taste of organic food is far better than that of grown by conventional methods.

  • Organic food also improves the functioning of immune system and makes it stronger.

  • Food produced by organic farming is more nutritious and toxins free.

Learn the basics of organic farming 

As conscious farmers have already started to switch towards organic farming and it’s your time to do so.  

While moving to the world of organic farming, first thing to consider is land or location. The soil you are using, climatic conditions, water resources available, all these plays important role. For the preparation of organic farm, Plough the farm and spread the recycled and composted crop wastes or animal manure during summer season and then plough the farm once again as the rainy season starts and then spread the green manure and legumes in your farm. Providing proper mulching will protect your farm and mulching serves as food for earthworms and microbes which supplies essential nutrients to the soil. And your farm is ready for organic farming now.  

 What makes an organic farmer successful? 

  1. Identify your resources- While starting the organic farming, firstly identify your resources as they will serve for you. Try to gain the knowledge from existing organic farmers and mentors and research about your land type and best suitable crops for it.

  2. Plan good crop rotations- This is the important tool in managing organic farming. Choose crops wisely according to the climatic conditions and soil and it will impact the fertility of soil.

  3. Look on pests and methods to control- Pests are one of the major challenge in organic farming. Choose methods to control them according to the crops grown and proper plough in the starting and use of manures and mulching can remove pest growth.

  4. Be ready for new options- Giving a chance to new trials is not a bad idea. After some research and proper planning, you can give a try to new methods also.

Latest trends of organic farming 

Here is the list of some websites to remain updated about latest trends of organic farming. 






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