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Process of Acid Collection from Chickpea (Gram)

Chickpea is a pulse crop with relatively lower protein when compared to other pulse crop. It also produces acids which aids in curing stomach complaints. In this article you can know the collection procedure in a detail

P. Godha Hiranmayee

Do you know that Chickpea produce acids which have medicinal properties?  Here are the details & collection procedure. Chick Pea, also known as Gram or Chanais a pulse crop. An acid liquid from granular hairs of leaves & pods contains two acids. They are i) Malic Acid (90-96%) & ii) Oxalic Acid (4-10%) which are used in the preparation of drugs & are prescribed for the intestinal dis-orders & blood purification. 

Collection of Acids from Chickpea Crop: 

  • The leaves & pods of Bengal gram on the growing crop are coated with thin film of Malic acid (90-96%) & Oxalic acid (4-10%)

  • They are encrusted on leaves & pods, dissolved on dew & settles on plants during winter season due to this the plants give sour taste.

  • These acids are considered to have some medicinal properties & they may be collected & stored.

Procedure of collection:  

  • For collection of acids a thin clean piece of cloth like Muslin cloth is spread over the crop during night.

  • Acids are soaked in cloth that are dissolved in dew during night.

  • Now the cloth has been absorbed this acids & the cloth is squeezed & thus acids are obtained.

  • This process is to be repeated until all acids are collected.

  • After the collection is over, allow the concentrate solution in sun to evaporate & thus crystallization takes place.

  • This crystallized acid is similar to the taste of vinegar. Which is used for curing of indigestion & stomach complaints.

  • About 4-4 ½ kg of acids may be obtained from 1 ha of crop.

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