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Profitable Agri Business: Earn Up To Rs 9 Lakh by Cultivating This Crop With Little Investment

Ginger cultivation can prove to be a profitable deal for you. Find all details below

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Ginger Rhizomes
Ginger Rhizomes

Ginger Farming: If you are a farmer and want to move from cultivating traditional crops to new profitable crops, then you must consider ginger cultivation. It can prove to be a profitable deal for you.  

Farmers in India always complain that they are not getting the right prices for the so-called cash crops and so they are not able to earn a good amount of money. This happens because most of the old farmers don’t show any interest in the cultivation of modern crops. However, it has been seen that gradually the farmer has started adopting new crops such as ginger which is helping them earn bumper profits. 

What Makes Ginger Such A Profitable Crop? 

Ginger plays an important economic role as medicinal plants, food flavorings, and dietary supplements. Products from ginger, including oil and fresh and dried rhizomes can be used to treat malaria, asthma, headaches, and act as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. Its demand remains throughout the year. This is the reason that farmers cultivating ginger always have a chance to earn good profits. 

Ginger Farming: How to cultivate ginger? 

Ginger is a rainfed crop. It can also be cultivated as an inter-crop between papaya and other large trees. For its cultivation, soil having 6-7 pH is considered best. According to agricultural experts, 2 to 3 quintals of ginger seeds are required for sowing in one hectare. 

Ginger Farming: How to sow ginger? 

While sowing ginger, row to row distance should be 30-40 cm and plant to plant distance should be 25 to 25 cm. After sowing, its seeds should be covered with light soil or cow dung manure. Apart from this, there should be good drainage system in the fields.

Ginger Farming: Cost Profit Analysis 

It may take 8 to 9 months for the ginger crop to be ready. The yield of ginger in one hectare ranges from 150 to 200 quintals. About Rs 7-8 lakh may be spent in cultivation of ginger per hectare. At present, ginger is being sold in the market for about Rs 60-80 per kg. Even if we consider the lower range at Rs 60 per Kg then one can easily make Rs 9 Lakh from 1 hectare of land. 

Source: Aajtak 

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