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Smart Agriculture Can Make You Rich: Know How?

Drought, Loans, Untimely rains, Low market prices, it often seems like farmers have endless suffering in their lives. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why none of us wants our kids to become a farmer. Instead, we all want them to immerse themselves in law or medical books so they can make their careers a big success. But are these career options the only way to be successful? Definitely not.

Rishabh Parmar

Meet Pramod Gautam, a car engineer who shifted to farming in 2006, and now earns a yearly turnover of a crore, subsequent to actualizing a fundamentally extraordinary strategy for development.

In 2006, in the wake of feeling unsatisfied in his activity as an automobile engineer, Pramod abandoned engineering and chose to offer to cultivate a sincere chance on his 26-acre of ancestral land.

At first, Pramod confronted a lot of difficulties. He planted white groundnuts and turmeric however received no rewards. Accessibility of work was another enormous issue as laborers liked to relocate to urban communities and work in industrial plants. Pramod chose to change to different yields and present-day farm equipment, which do not require much labor. A case of such kinds of equipment utilized by some Indian farmers is the Driverless Tractor Technology – created by Mahindra. Unexpectedly, ranchers like Pramod can settle on such decisions now since, not at all like previously, they don't need to purchase all the equipment. Indeed, even with a low financial plan, they can lease farm equipment utilizing applications like Trringo.

In 2007-08, Pramod switched completely to cultivation. He planted oranges, guavas, lemons, sweet limes, crude bananas and Toor Dal. Pramod additionally chose to begin his own factory. He sells the processed and unpolished pulses under the brand name of 'Vandana'. He has a yearly turnover of about Rs. 1 crore from his dal factory and an extra Rs 10-12 lakh from cultivation, which is considerably more than what he was gaining as an engineer.

Sachin Kale:

Like Pramod, Sachin is also a mechanical engineer from Nagpur who began his career by working at a force plant and quickly rose to the top over the years. In 2013, Sachin left his extravagant life in Gurgaon, where he was working as a chief for Punj Lloyd and getting a pay of Rs 24 lakh annually. He moved to Medhpar to turn into a farmer.  Sachin invested his 15-year-old provident fund in setting up a clean energy model where his farm was valuable throughout the year and gave a maximum of profit.

In 2014, Sachin launched his own organization, Innovative Agri Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which helped farmers with the contract farming model of cultivating. Sachin's organization is helping 137 happy farmers taking a shot at 200 acres of land and drawing a turnover of around Rs 2 crore.

Harish Dhandev:

Another specialist, Harish left his government occupation to take up Aloe Vera cultivating in Rajasthan – which demonstrated exceptionally fruitful, winning him crores. When he chose to cultivate on his hereditary land in Jaisalmer, one of the principal things that Harish did was to get his soil tested by the agricultural office. Notwithstanding, Harish did his own exploration online through resources like AgriGuru , which associates farmers with agri-experts across the nation to permit a trade of thoughts. Harish found that if he sets his sight further away from home and utilized online portals to get to public and global business sectors, he could undoubtedly sell his produce well.

Harish's underlying 80,000 saplings immediately developed in number to seven lakh. Within a half year Harish figured out how to get ten customers for his Aloe Vera inside Rajasthan itself. However, soon found that they were selling the extricated pulp at a lot more higher costs. So he prepared his homestead workers to remove the pulp, giving them all some additional pay.

Throughout the year, Harish has purchased more land and now develops Aloe Vera over a hundred acres of land. His organization, Dhandev Global Group, is situated in Dhaisar, 45 kilometers from

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and his turnover ranges between Rs. 1.5 to 2 crore.

Vishwanath Bobade:

A farmer from Bahirwadi, Vishwanath's town is in the drought prone Beed district of Maharashtra. Notwithstanding, he has earned Rs 7 lakh from cultivating on only one acre of land. He chose to give multi-cropping a try and additionally made sense of that he could expand his crop by building a wire fence and planting creepers and climbers on them. He takes help of just two workers at his farm. He and his wife work day and night to deal with the plants and henceforth the expense of production is less, giving them better benefits.

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