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Spring Gardening: Five Flowers You Should Sow Next Week

This article explains which flowers to plant in March. It also describes how to plant the seeds along with essential care tips to get the best results.

Binita Kumari
Cornflower- A Spring Flower
Cornflower- A Spring Flower

As March approaches, it’s time you must start prepping your garden for spring gardening. It is the perfect time to sow some specific spring florals. If you sow these flowers in the coming week, your garden will be a full bloom between April to May.

Here are 5 spring flowers you can sow easily along with essential care tips for the best results! 


Cornflowers are the pretty blue flowers that are sown between March and May. They blossom somewhere between May and July depending on when you sow them. The perfect soil condition to sow cornflowers is moist yet well-drained soil. Depending on the size and type of your garden, you can sow them directly in the flowerbed or in a pot. 

Essential care tip: Cornflowers thrive in sunlight so make sure they get extra sun. If you plant them on a border, place them in the front. 

Sweet Peas 

Sweet peas are grown between October to end of March. Sweet peas should be grown under cover, in places such as greenhouses and deep pots. Pinch out the tips when the plant reaches 10 cm in height to encourage bushy growth.  Plant sweet peas in mid-spring and make sure you water them on a regular basis. 

Essential care tip: Sweet peas thrive in well-drained, sunny areas and in moist soil. 

Wildflower Mixes 

March is the best time to scatter your yearly wildflower mix. Find a sunny spot in your garden and remove all traces of vegetation before sowing the wildflower mixes. Then prepare the soil by weeding and raking the ground thoroughly. Now sprinkle the seeds over patches of bare and watered soil. You can also sow in rows in a seedbed. 

Essential care tip: Scatter the seeds directly all over the soil if you want a randomly organized growth. 


One of the prettiest perennials, Dahlias are sown mainly in greenhouses in March. They add vibrant colors to the garden and come in a range of beautiful hues. Grab a pot or seed tray and add moist compost to it. Then gently push the dahlia seeds in. If you used a seed tray to plant dahlias, cover them with a propagator lid. When planting them out, go for moist and well-drained soil. 

Essential care tip: Dahlias thrive in bright and sunny spots with plenty of shelters. 

Ladybird Poppy Flowers 

Ladybird poppy flowers are bright red flowers sown between March and April. They bloom in May or June. Ladybird poppy flowers can self-seed in the garden in certain conditions so simply sprinkle the seed wherever you want it to grow. 

Essential care tip: Ladybird Poppy Flowers grow best in well-drained soil but make sure it remains moist as well. 

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