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Steps to grow Milky Mushrooms at Home

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Milky Mushrooms

Milky mushrooms are called ‘milky’ for their white color. They are the only mushroom species that is both native to and cultivated in, the hot moist climate of India.  Milky mushrooms are also known as ‘Swetha’ mushrooms and are rich in nutrients, have a good shelf life and are the only fungus that can be cultivated in the tropics. They are one of the low-cost varieties to grow and are quite big in size.

Besides milky mushroom there are many other types of mushrooms grown all over the world. 

Milky mushrooms generally grow from dust-like particles known as spores, which develop into a mass of thick white tangled threads called mycelium. Mushroom spawn is basically sawdust permeated with the mushroom mycelia. And from the mycelium emerges an upward-growing umbrella-shaped crop, called mushroom.

Here is how you can easily grow the milky mushrooms at home:

Things required

  • Milky mushroom spawns

  • Substrate - Paddy or rice straw

  • Casing mixture - Sterilized soil

  • A Plastic bag - approximately 60 cm x 30 cm in size

Steps to follow

1. Sanitization

To start with, you will have to cut the straw into small pieces of about 1 -3 inches in length. Then boil it in water for about an hour or so. After that drain the water until there is no more drops from the straw in it.

Milky Mushrooms

2. Preparation

Once the wet straw has cooled to room temperature, you will have to stack it tightly inside the plastic bag, which should be about 6-10 inches high. After that sprinkle a handful of milky mushroom spawns over the straw. Later, fasten the bag from the top and make some holes in it for the spawns to inhale.

3. Incubation 

Now you will have to keep the bag in a cool and dark place at your home, away from direct sunlight. Then sprinkle some water at irregular intervals over the plastic bag to maintain moisture. After 15 -20 days, when you see spawns being developed into a white furry cob-web layer, called mycelium, it is time to do the casing.

4. Casing

For casing, you will have to open the bag and spread an inch thick coat of sterilized soil over it, which will preserve the moisture and provide support to the growing fungus. Now place the bag in a brighter area, to start fruiting of mushrooms.

5. Harvesting

In about 10-12 days, you will see little mushroom-heads start coming out of the soil and grows to its full size in about a week. And when the mushroom-caps break up fully from their stems, they are set to be harvested. If you store them in a refrigerator, milky mushrooms will stay fresh for up to 20 days.

The milky mushrooms are ready to be cooked. So enjoy the fresh taste of home-grown mushrooms!!!

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