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These Newly Released Wheat Varieties Have High Protein Content, Resistant to Brown Rust & Gives Good Yield

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
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Advanced technology is slowly changing the agricultural scenario all around the world. Even though there are many wheat varieties developed by various agriculture research institutions still farmers look for latest varieties that can give them better yield in less time. This is why agriculture scientists keep developing new varieties for the benefit of farmers and to improve their income.

Recently Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (HAU) in Hisar, has released WH1184 wheat variety that is highly resistant to brown and yellow rust, while the Indian Institute of Wheat & Barley Research (IIWBR) in Karnal, has released DWB187 variety, which is said to be the highest yielding variety developed in India so far.

A wheat scientist at HAU, Dr Om Prakash Bishnoi said that WH1184 is a bread wheat variety with an average yield of 61.3 quintals /hectare and potential yield of around 70.02 quintals. Dr Bishnoi said, “It has high protein content of 13.02%". He added that the HAU has brought another variety, WH1142 that is cultivable under restricted irrigation & medium input costs like fertilisers, although it has an average yield of 48 quintals / hectare.


A farmer said that “The variety is good & the yield is better than that of the previous seeds. Luckily, wheat has not got affected by any major disease or rust in the last couple of years in this region”.  He said cultivation of wheat does not require experimentation as we have been sowing the crop since generations. Though improved seed and technology have changed the package & practices of the crop, growers find it easier to cultivate the crop that not only gives whole-year quota of foodgrains but also helps the family economically.

Dr Joginder Singh, a wheat scientist with the IIWBR said that Karan-Vandana has proved to be the highest yielding crop, however farmers are advised to get the soil testing done and contact agriculture officers before taking a decision regarding sowing this variety of wheat. He added that “Every wheat variety has slightly different package & practices hence farmers must follow the advice of the agriculture scientists for each particular variety to obtain good yield”.  

Features of WH 1142 wheat

  • It is a medium dwarf variety with an average height of 102 cm.

  • The crop of this latest variety of wheat does not fall. It can also survive under severe drought conditions.

  • It contains 12.1 percent protein, 80 ppm beta carotene, 36.4 iron, 33.7 ppm zinc.

  • Is highly resistant to brown and yellow rust

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