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Top Commercial Varieties of Mangoes Grown in different regions of India

P. Godha Hiranmayee
P. Godha Hiranmayee

Mango is the most important among the tropical fruits of India and it is very popular & considered to be the top choice of all fruits grown in India. It is known as the, “king of fruits” owing to delicious quality of fruit, richness in vitamins & minerals and liking to Indian palate. “Mango is the national fruit of India”. 

Mango Varieties: There are nearly 1000 mango varieties in India. Of these, however only about 20 varieties are grown on a commercial scale. The commercial varieties of mango in India are specific to different regions of the country. 

Let’s know the commercial varieties of mango with their fruit characteristics, according to the region they can be grown…... 


Commercial varieties of mangoes 

Andhra Pradesh 

Banganapalli, Suvarnarekha, Neelum & Totapuri 


Bombay Green, Chausa, Dashehari, Fazil, Gulabkhas, Kishen Bhog, Himsagar, Zardalu & Langra  


Kesar, Alphonoso, Rajapuri, Jamadar, Totapuri, Neelum, Dashehari & Langra 


Chausa, Dashehari, Langra & Fazli 

Himachal Pradesh 

Chausa, Dashehari & Langra 


Alphonso, Totapuri, Banaganapalli, Pairi, Neelum & Mulgoa 

Madhya Pradesh 

Alphonso, Bombay Green, Dashehari, Fazil, Langra & Neelum 


Alphonso, Kesar & Pairi 


Chausa, Dashehari & Malda 


Bombay Green, Chausa, Dashehari & Langra 

Tamil Nadu 

Alphonso, Totapuri, Banganapalli & Neelum 

Uttar Pradesh 

Bombay Green, Chausa, Dashehari & Langra 

West Bengal 

Fazli, Gulabkhas, Himsagar, Kishenbhog, Langra & Bombay Green 

Varieties grown & recommended for different tracts of Andhra Pradesh: 

Coastal Districts: Suvarnarekha, Baneshan, Juciy Varieties & Rajpuri. 


Region: Neelum, Bangalora, Baneshan, Rumani, Cherukurasam & Panchadarakalasa. 

Telangana District: Alphonso, Pairi(Peter), Mahamooda, Dashehari, Safeda & Goa bunder. 

Characteristics of fruit: 

1. Alphonso:The fruit is medium in size, ovate oblique in shape & orange yellow in color. It has been found good for canning purpose. 

2. Bangalora:Fruit size is medium to large; its shape is oblong with necked base & color is golden yellow. It is mostly used for processing. 

3. Banganapalli:Fruit is large in size & obliquely oval in shape. The color of the fruit is golden yellow. It is good for canning. 

4. Bombay Green:Fruit size is medium; shape ovate oblong & fruit color is spinach green. Its early season variety.  

5. Dashehari:One of the best varieties of our country. The fruit size is small to medium, shape is oblong oblique & fruit color is yellow. It is mainly used for table purpose. 

6. Fajri:Fruit is very large, obliquely oval in shape. Fruit color is light chrome. This is a late season variety. 

7. Fernandin:This is one of the oldest varieties of Bombay. Fruit is medium to large; fruit shape is oval to obliquely oval & fruit color is yellow with a blush of red on shoulders. It is a late season variety mostly used for table purpose. 

8. Himsagar:Fruit is of medium size, ovate to ovate oblique in shape. Fruit color is yellow. This variety is indigenous to Bengal. 

9. Kesar:Fruit size is medium, shape oblong with a red blush on the shoulders. 

10. Kishen Bhog:Fruit size is medium; fruit shape oval oblique & fruit color is yellow. 

11. Langra: Fruit is of medium size, ovate shape & lettuce green color. Keeping quality is medium. 

12. Mankurad:This variety develops black spots on the skin in rainy season. Fruit is medium in size, ovate in shape & yellow in color. Keeping quality is poor. 

13. Mulgoa:Fruit is large in size, roundish oblique in shape & yellow in color. It is a late season variety. 

14. Neelum:This is a commercial variety indigenous to Tamil Nadu. It is an ideal variety for transporting to distant places. Fruit is medium in size, ovate oblique in shape & saffron yellow in color. Keeping quality is very good. 

15. Samarbehist Chausa: Its popular for its characteristic flavor & taste. Fruit is large in size, ovate to oval oblique in shape & light yellow in color. Keeping quality is medium.

16. Suvernarekha:This is a commercial variety of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. Fruit is medium in size & ovate oblong in shape. Color of the fruit is light cadmium with a blush of jasper red. 

17. Vanraj:This variety fetches good returns. Fruit is medium in size, ovate oblong in shape & color is deep chrome with a blush of jasper red on the shoulders. 

18. Zardalu:Fruit size is medium, oblong to obliquely oblong & golden yellow in color. Keeping quality is medium. 

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