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Top Companies Producing Quality Cow dung Products like Teas, Shampoos, Soaps & Agarbathis

Many major businesses have started to deal with cow dung and cow urine based products. Some of them have even made a million dollar empire. all these products have been completely based on pure extracts of cow urine and cow dung .

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Cow dung soap

Our nation has seen a lot of conflicts in the past few months claiming cow urine to be the cure for corona virus. Many Hindu nationalist especially from the Bhartiya Janta Party have been claiming and have also launched their own cow dung and cow urine products with their dole belief that cow and its product are consumable and also cures all kind of body diseases too.

But our country has been a producer of cow dung products ranging from toothpaste to skincare and teas from a decade before. Indian business persons to small scale craft smith all have contributed to this industry.

Cow dung soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, shaving creams, sunscreens, face washes, teas, incense sticks and bio fertilisers are the major cow dung and cow urine products which are present in the market and are now even marketed by many online websites like Amazon, flip kart etc. As long as the smell and the quality is concerned, the reviews of these products online have been quite good. People claim of these products smelling good and also providing extra care to their skin.

One more factor that plays an important role in the quality of these products are the cow varieties that are raised with immense care and are provided with proper nutrition. Like all of the companies stick to a particular variety of cow breed specially the Indian species claiming that the cow dung and cow urine have special properties when fed on special grass or food.

Now at present there are many more companies which deal with such products even if not pure cow urine and cow dung but a mixture of it too. Panchagavya products like the products made up of the five products from cow like milk, ghee, cow dung, cow urine and curd, have been produced and marketed online and offline both from the past years too.

Let’s look into these top companies and know about these cow dung and cow urine products properly.

Cowpathy: Founded and managed by a young microbiologist Umesh Soni, in the year of 2012, this company now has a turnover of 3.5 million US dollars. The company have been producing tooth paste, shampoos, under eye gel, shower and shaving creams all from cow dung and cow urine. The products have become so popular that they have even started the export of the same in 14 different countries too. The company also uses native breed of cows only for excreta’s.

There are several soaps varieties in Cowpathy ranging from lavender, honey to distilled cow urine based aloevera herbal soap. These soaps range from Rs. 210- 224 per package of 6 soaps.

In the year 2016 the company released their patented soap named Cowpathy Panchatatva Panchagavya Honey and the Shea butter soap with a price of Rs. 66 for every 100 gm. This company had been on news and headlines due to its recent product, the Tea made up of distilled urine extract and herbal leaves which made news.

The company claims that Cow dung Exfoliates, hydrates, Nourishes, heals skin and cow urine is antibacterial and gives detoxifying bath.

Now apart from soaps this company also makes cow dung based toothpaste and pancha gavya shampoo too. These all products are affordable and have been getting great reviews by the consumers too.

Go Seva: Founded by “Go Mata Seva Trust”, this company is based in Gujarat, India. The company serves for the rights and protection of cows therefore aiming to avail the people the importance of cows in India. The company has 100s of products made up of cow urine and cow dung and other products released by cows in all fields of human use. From health care, spiritual, beauty, skin care, hair care and bathing to sanitizer everything has extracts and purified cow dung and cow urine in them. The company only uses products from GIR cow varieties.

The products are all available in the company’s own website as well as in other online selling websites like Amazon and flip kart too.

The products from these companies are very affordable as a single soap cost Rs. 30 per 100 gm; similarly all the other products also range the same.

Apart from these two companies, there are other companies like Trunish pharma, Patanjali, Akshya’s etc. which deals with only cow dung soaps or panchagavya soaps. All these soaps and other cow dung and cow urine products have been on much demand be it due to religious beliefs or political support or due to personal experiences, these products have made quite an impression in to the market therefore making the companies a huge amount of profit too.

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