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Vertical Gardening: Learn to Grow Fresh Vegetables Using Plastic Bottles

A young man from Lucknow, left his job to pursue his passion for gardening. He started vertical farming on his terrace and grew numerous varieties of flowers and vegetables.

Kritika Madhukar
You can do vertical gardening even on the balcony walls
You can do vertical gardening even on the balcony walls

Ankit Bajpai, a native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has always loved trees and greenery. He found a job in Mumbai after finishing his studies but his passion for gardening never faded. After leaving his corporate career in 2017, he returned to his hometown and began terrace gardening at home. He gradually planted trees and plants on his 390-square-foot terrace.

There are flowers such as roses, marigolds, and lilies in his lush and lovely garden as well as veggies like brinjal, capsicum, coriander, spinach, broccoli, potato, radish, tomato, green chili, cabbage, and lemon.

In addition to the garden, Ankit maintains a Channel on youtube with over 4.5 lakh subscribers where he provides guidance on how to grow different plant varieties.

Like Ankit, you can also create your own vertical garden. Here are some tips to give you a head start.

How to Start Vertical Gardening?

To begin gardening, find an open area with plenty of sunlight. Vertical gardening is now possible on the walls of your terrace or even on your balcony. Just make sure there's enough water supply. The best time to start vertical gardening is the winter or spring.

Soil Preparation

When it comes to soil preparation, the most crucial step is to mix sand with cow dung manure or vermicompost. "Keep in mind that the soil, sand, and compost ratio should be 30:30:40.

How much Space Do You Need for Vertical Gardening?

Gardening can be a difficult task for people who live in small spaces or apartments. However, you easily practice vertical gardening on your own small balcony or terrace. It will just require some effort and time. You can do vertical gardening even on the balcony walls. Any plant can be grown on the walls by hanging old and trashed plastic bottles. It enhances the wall's appearance while also providing you with fresh vegetables.

How to Water Your Vertical Garden?

There is no correct or incorrect method to water plants. All you have to do now is make sure that the soil in your pots isn't dry. Sprinkle water whenever you feel the soil is drying up.

Nourishing Your Vertical Garden

  • Nourish your plants with liquid fertilizer. You can make liquid fertilizer at home with wet and dry household garbage.

  • Every day, vegetable peels come out of your kitchen. Gather them and add a piece of ginger to the mix. 

  • After that, grind it in a blender. 

  • Ginger has antifungal and antioxidant properties. It prevents bacteria and illness from growing in the trees.

  • After grinding, soak the mixture for 12 to 14 hours in water before pouring it over the plants. 

This mixture provides nourishment to the plants as well as repels pests.

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