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4 Fish Farming Equipments You Need to Scale Your Business

This article explains the uses and benefits of 4 essential fish farming equipments that are necessary to scale your small business.

Binita Kumari
Fish Farming
Fish Farming

Fish harvesting or farming is the process of rearing fish for commercial purposes. Fish farmers create a safe and healthy environment for fishes to grow healthy such as ponds and lakes. Throughout Asia, fish farming is a popular business. Mostly because it’s a scalable business where farmers start small but grow their business with their knowledge and capabilities.

In India, tilapia is the most profitable fish and the commercial farming of tilapia is only limited in India. No matter which type of fish you farm, there are certain equipment you need for fish farming. Depending on the size of your fish farm and your goals, your equipment requirements for the farm might change. However, there are 4 fish farming equipment both small and big farms that can scale your business. Keep on reading to learn more about them. 

Fishing Equipment

Check out the details of these equipments/tools below;


Tradition fish farmers use tanks and net enclosures inside of a water body. In warm weather, evaporation can cause a lack of water in the pond. That is why, to make sure that the fishes get enough freshwater, pumps are installed in the small ponds and lakes. Farmers use the pump to drain out the water at the end of the growing season. 

The most commonly used pond pumps are centrifugal and turbine pumps.  Both types work differently but effectively move water. Centrifugal pumps are set horizontally around the outer edge of the pond or lake, while turbine pumps are set vertically. 

Aeration Devices 

Only pumps are not enough, to ensure that the fishes are getting enough oxygen supply, an aeration device should be used. The aeration devices also allow you to have more fish in a small space. It helps fish grow healthier and faster in a shorter period. Aeration devices also help in recycling the water by removing impurities. 

Automatic Fish Feeder 

The automatic fish feeder feeds the fishes at a planned interval. It’s quite effective as it saves them time and effort of hand-feeding the fish. However, the automatic fish feeder can only work properly when the water is recycled mechanically. If the automatic fish feeder continues feeding the fish when the water is saturated and unclean, it can kill them. 

Seine Reels 

Seine reels are used to collect the fish from water during harvesting. The seine is thrown into the lake or pond where it sinks to the bottom. Then with the help of a tractor on the shore, the reels are gathered on the edges of the seine, gathering fish inside the net. The fish pulled by the reel to the shore is then transferred for sorting. 

 You can get all these equipment easily in the market and some are available online too.

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