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CIFT Develops Technology to Convert Fish Waste into Aqua Feed

The goal is to meet the demand for fish feed while also eliminating unhygienic fish waste management practices.

Chintu Das
Fish Market
Fish Market

Authorities will no longer be concerned about the disposal of fisheries waste in harbors and fish markets as the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) has built a new tech to overcome the threat of fisheries waste being turned into fish feeds, while also providing feasible income opportunities. 

The technology developed by ICAR-CIFT will aid in the conversion of fish waste into aqua feeds, and it was created with the dual goal of meeting the high requirement for fish feed in the aquaculture sector while also eliminating unsanitary fish waste management practices. 

Matsyafed has signed an MoU with CIFT to take the new tech for production and marketing, acknowledging the significance of such a technology in Kerala's fisheries sector. 

The Transfer of Technology and Machinery was handed over by CIFT Director Ravishankar CN to Matsyafed Managing Director Dinesan Cheruvat. 

Ravishankar encouraged Matsyafed to scale up the technology distribution through PMMSY so that a significant number of start-ups may benefit from it and turn it into a company. 

Dinesan Cheruvat, praising CIFT's commitment to producing industry-ready technology, said the institution has been instrumental in pushing the expansion of the fisheries sector through its cutting-edge innovations. 

Fish waste is a great source of protein that is typically regarded as a nuisance by both public and municipal organisations. It has the potential to replace fish meal as a feed, significantly lowering aquaculture production costs. With the increase in cultured fish production in the country, there is a large demand for low-cost protein components for aqua feed. 

CIFT has developed a simple technique for converting wet market trash straight into high-protein, low-mineral aqua and poultry feed. The institution has already shown the technology at 40 different fish markets across the country. The institution has also built a feed manufacturing machinery line that costs approximately 15 lakh and can manufacture 500 kg of feed each day. 

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