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Do you know a Bird that costs lakhs in international market?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

No Malayalee has forgotten the movie Vellimoonga.  With the release of this film, the name Vellimoonga became popular.  Even though there is no silver owl in the film, the word 'silver owl' became a big hit among the Malayalees with this film.

The silver owl is not an imaginary bird.  It is a bird that lives in the wild.  It is one of the most valuable wildlife in the international market.  Keeping and rearing it is against the Wildlife Conservation Act.

Once seen only in the wild, it is now found in cities.  They usually live in tree trunks in the forest.  Wildlife often invades human-inhabited areas when their habitat is lost.  The case of silver owl is not different.

These birds are in high demand abroad  because these are an indispensable factor in witchcraft.  Sorcerers use their wings, feathers, flesh, and blood for witchcraft.  After all, silver owls are the most common form of wildlife trafficking.

There are many beliefs about the silver owl in India and abroad.  In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Owl House existed in Europe.  They are illegally kept by businessmen, gamblers and speculators for financial gain.  There are many people who swindle money by saying that they can provide silver owls.

This bird, which is on the wildlife list, needs to be protected from extinction.  The appearance of the silver owl probably gives it a divine atmosphere.  Superstition about its abilities is man's imagination.

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